Setting or Changing your Name

You set your name in the preview screen when you first enter a Gather Space. The name you enter is tied to the Space. This means you can have a different default name for every Space that you enter. You can always change your name on a Space by Space basis. If you have created an account, you can set a default name that will automatically be used when you enter a new space. 

When you first use Gather, you will be asked to enter your name and choose your avatar. You will see this screen again if you need to edit your character.

Whenever you return to Gather or visit other Gather Spaces, you can always change your name by clicking "Edit Character" which will take you to the dialogue box shown above.  

You can change the name you set for yourself for the Space by clicking "Edit Character."

Changing Your Name After Entering Space

If you're already in a Gather space, go to the control panel at the center bottom of your screen and click on your name to open your User Options. 

Click your name at the bottom of the screen to open you User Options

Click "Edit" near the top of the new window that pops up.  That will open your User Settings where you have the option to change your name and microphone/webcam/speakers.

To change your name, click the "Edit" button next to it.

Your name will be automatically edited and changed dynamically as you type into this box. You can close the menu once you have entered in your desired name. There is no need to click a save button. 

Enter your desired name in the box at the top of your User Settings