Setting or Changing your Name and Character Style

First Time in Gather

When you first visit a Gather Space, you get to choose your avatar, the digital character that represents you in the Space. 

A screenshot of the character picker shows a tan body with white dredlocks wearing a black tshirt and red pants. The Accessories tab of the picker is active, with Hat options in black displaying. Back and Next Step buttons display at the bottom of the picker.The first step when you enter a Gather Space is choosing your avatar. Select options for your body, clothing, and accessories to create the perfect digital character that represents you!  When you've picked the perfects details for your body, clothing, and accessories, click Next Step. Enter a name for your character. 

A screenshot of the Name your character page displays. A person wearing a blue tshirt, grey pants, and a blue baseball hat displays as a preview. Beneath the title, Name your character, the instructions say, Enter a name for your character, then click Finish.

Note: The character you design and name you enter is tied to the Space. This means you can have a different default name for every Space that you enter. You can always change your name and character at any time, for any Space.

When you're satisfied with your character and name, click Finish. The Check Your Hair screen (as we call it) displays with a preview of your character and a preview of your video feed, with the input/output options for your camera, mic, and speakers. When you're ready to continue, click Join the Gathering.

The "Check Your Hair" screen shows a preview of your character and name, as well as a preview of your video feed. Here you select your camera, mic, and speaker options. When you're ready, click Join the Gathering

Warning: You must grant permission for Gather to use your camera and mic in the browser. Read more about Browser Settings.

Edit Character & Name

When you return to Gather or visit other Gather Spaces, you can always change your name by clicking Edit Character on the Check Your Hair screen, which will take you to the character picker. 

You can also change your name and character when you're in the Space. In the Bottom Bar, click on your character to open the character picker and change your avatar.  

To change your name or status, click your name in the Bottom Bar. The Bottom Action Menu opens. 

A screenshot of the game room template displays, with the Bottom Action Menu open. A red box outlines the word From the Bottom Command Bar, click your name. To update your name, click Edit.

Click Edit to change your name. You can also return to the character picker by clicking Customize. If you're satisfied with your name and character, click Finish. Your changes are saved. 

A screenshot of the game template with the Name your character window open. A preview of the character displays, followed by the heading Edit your name. If you want to modify your character, click Customize. When satisfied, click Finish. Your changes are saved.

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