Screen Sharing

You can share your screen with all of the people you are connected to on Gather if it is enabled in the Space that you are in. To do so, click on the screen sharing icon in the Bottom Bar at the bottom of your screen.

Click the monitor icon in the Bottom Bar to start screen sharing.

Note: You will be prompted every time you wish to screen share in Gather; there is no option to automatically authorize a website for screen sharing.

Sharing in Chrome

Any time you screen share in Chrome, you are given the opportunity to share an Entire Screen (choose from any screens you have), from a Window (choose from any program open on your machine), or from a Chrome Tab (choose from a specific tab in Chrome).

Click the monitor icon in the Bottom Bar to begin screen sharing. If you are in Chrome, select the screen, window, or tab to share.

When you have selected the screen, window, or tab you wish to display, click Share

Sharing in Firefox

Any time you screenshare in Firefox, you are given the opportunity to share a window or screen. 

The drop-down list will display all options for sharing, which include sharing a window (any open program) as well as your screen (entire monitor). 

When you have selected the window or screen you wish to share, a preview will display. Click Allow to begin sharing that program or window.

Sharing in Safari

Any time you screenshare in Safari (the desktop browser, not the mobile browser), you will need to grant Gather access.

Click Allow to screenshare for that session. If you accidentally click Don't Allow, refresh the page to be prompted again. You only have the option to share the screen (monitor) that Safari displays on. 

If you accidentally click Never for This Website, or if you want to have Safari automatically authorize Gather, open Safari Preferences

The Preferences window opens. Select Websites in the top panel, then click Screen Sharing. Grant Gather access by clicking the drop-down field and selecting Ask.

Warning: We do not currently support other browsers, so we have not included information for screen sharing outside of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Audio Through Screen Share

To share audio while screen sharing in Chrome, (1) select Screenshare in the Bottom Bar, (2) select Chrome tab in the Choose what to share window, and (3) select the Chrome tab that has the audio. Make sure that Share tab audio is selected.

A screenshot of the fancy office template in Gather in a Chrome browser. The steps of sharing a browser tab in Chrome are indicated, with a number 1 next to the Screenshare icon in Gather, number 2 next to the Chrome tab option in the Choose what to share window, and a number 3 next to a YouTube tab. A red arrow points to number 3 and text reads To screen share with audio, (1) select Screenshare in the Bottom Bar, (2) select Chrome tab, and (3) select the desired tab.

Sharing Slides

To share a PowerPoint or slidedeck, click Screenshare in the Bottom Bar, and in your browser's screen sharing window, select Window. Then select the window that's showing the presentation. If you have multiple monitors, you can select the window that's displaying the fullscreen slideshow. 

A screenshot of the fancy office template, with the screenshare window open. A red outline is drawn around the Window tab on the screenshare window. Another red box is drawn around the window that shows To screen share a slide show, select the Window tab in your browser's screen sharing window. Then select the preview that's displaying the fullscreen presentation.