Quick Tips for Remote Work


Welcome to Gather for remote work! We’ve got a few recommendations to help your team succeed in the first few days and weeks in your new virtual office.

Invite Your Team

Spread the Gather love! Select Participants in the toolbar, then select Invite. Send invitations via email or copy the link for your Space and share it.

The Participants panel is expanded, and the Invite button is outlined in red. An arrow points to the Send Invite button on the open Invite modal.Invite co-workers to the Space via email or link!

Invite Tips

Decorate Your Desk

Pick a desk, any desk, and make it your own! Just select Build in the toolbar. You can search for something specific (e.g., lamp, chair, plant), pick from one of our suggestions, upload your own object, or browse all the options from the Object Picker.

If you're searching for some decoration inspiration, read more on our blog post!  

A group of 24 desks in a green space. Each desk is decorated with different styles and colors of rugs, chairs, lamps, plants, and computer monitors. Several people are sitting at their desks. Encourage everyone to pick a desk and decorate it! 

Desk Tips

  • Use the Object Picker to decorate. When you use the Object Picker (select Build in the toolbar, then Open object picker), you can choose different colors for many of the objects, as well as rotate the direction of the object. Browse the Newly Added category to see new items, which we add almost every week!
  • Choose to sit together as teams, or mix and mingle. We recommend choosing desks next to the people you most regularly work with, just like a physical office. But it’s up to your team to decide, and you can always rearrange later!
  • Encourage everyone to decorate their desk. A decorated desk gives each person their own personal spot in the office, makes it easier to find each other, showcases everyone’s personalities, and makes your virtual office come to life. 

Host a Meeting

Host your next stand up, sprint review, or all-hands meeting in your Gather office. Just copy the link to your Space and paste the URL in the calendar invite or drop the link in your company’s chat.

Eleven people are gathered in the cyberpunk meeting room. The Chat panel is open and four videos are at the top of the screen.Host your team meetings in Gather!

Meeting Tips

  • Update all of your recurring meetings and add the office URL as the location.
  • Use a whiteboard for brainstorming or collaboration.
  • Click on anyone's screen share or video screen to enlarge the view on the video carousel.
  • Use Emotes to react with #1-6 keys.
  • Use Chat to ask questions and comment during a meeting!
  • Sync your calendar and choose meeting spots.

Take a Break

Each Gather office comes with a break room where you can easily catch up with colleagues over a cup of coffee or play a quick game together. If you’re at a game table, just press “x” to join.

The break room area of a remote office space, with five people at a table with the one night werewolf game. Video previews of four people at the table display at the top of the screen.Meet in the break room for a quick game. 

Break Tips

  • Tables are typically set up as private areas, which means everyone at the table can hear and see each other, but anyone not at the table cannot hear or see you.
  • Open the Object Picker (select Build in the toolbar, then Open object picker) and view the Game category for a list of integrated games.
  • Use Donut or a similar app to pair co-workers together for a quick coffee break.

Host a Social

Plan a party in the office! It’s a great way to get to know Gather, and a fun way to reconnect with your co-workers. Your office comes with a Rec Room that offers several different social experiences.

A zoomed out view of the go kart track with several people racing and several people in the stands. Challenge your coworkers to a go kart race in the Rec Room!

Social Tips

  • Award prizes for best avatar.
  • Send a snack kit or provide a food and beverages budget for the social.
  • Send reminders prior to the event and include helpful links for Gather newbies.
  • Check out our Gather Experiences for a complete list of options.

Bonus Tips

  • To get the most out of Gather, as many people as possible should be in the Space at the same time. 
    • One way of the best ways to do this is to copy your Gather office URL and add it as the location for your recurring meetings.
  • Create a Gather Slack channel with a pinned thread with tips on how to get started and plans for when to be in Gather together.
  • Pick 1-2 people in your team to be the Gather champions who can help with onboarding and troubleshooting.
  • Review the complete Onboarding > Remote Work guide and explore the Help Center.
  • Share the Troubleshooting Checklist if your team has any connection or performance issues, and report a bug any time you have problems.
  • Keep up to date on our changes, add feature requests, and upvote others’ ideas at feedback.gather.town.

Keep On Keepin' On!

It make take your team a little while to get comfortable using Gather. That's natural—don't give up! With each decorated desk, team meeting, go kart race, and impromptu conversation, the value and joy of using Gather grows. The tips above will help you get off to a strong start, and you can get advice from other teams in the Gather Slack community. You can also get support from us at Gather—just reach out to us if you have any questions!