Reservation & Subscription FAQs

What is the difference between free and premium plans?

By default, all Gather spaces are on our free plan which allows up to 10 concurrent users. To upgrade to a premium plan, you’ll need to make a reservation. You’ll pay for the number of concurrent users you’re planning on having in your space and also get access to additional benefits like dedicated server space for better performance, access to premium support, and domain access control. Reservations can be for a one-time event (up to a month or longer) or a monthly subscription that renews every month.

How much do the premium plans cost?

Cost depends on which reservation type you choose: one-time event or monthly subscription. One-time events start at $3 per day per user, with a cap of $7 per user per month. Monthly subscriptions cost $7 per user per month and a renewed automatically. No matter which reservation option you choose, you will never pay more than $7 per user per month. This is known as the Monthly Price Guarantee.

We offer a discount of 15% when you pay for the entire year up front. To learn more, contact our sales team

What plan should I use for one month?

If you only need a space for one month, create a one-time reservation that lasts the entire month. You won't pay more than $7 per user per month. If you choose a monthly subscription, it will renew each month and charge your credit card on file. To avoid recurring charges, use a one-month reservation instead of a subscription.

What is the difference between a one-time event and monthly subscription?

We currently offer two different premium reservations: one-time events and monthly subscriptions. A one-time event is ideal for events lasting one day, two days, or even a single month. Meanwhile, a monthly subscription is best for persistent spaces like virtual offices, where people are present month after month. 

Where can I find my reservations?

You can easily see all of your reservations from your space dashboard by selecting Reservations in the left navigation menu. Current and future reservations are under Active & Upcoming, unpaid reservations are under Pending, and reservations that have ended or canceled subscriptions are under Past.Active and Upcoming Reservations are displaying on a Space dashboard, with two active reservations and one upcoming visible.From your Space dashboard, select Reservations from the Left Nav Menu, and view your Active & Upcoming, Pending, or Past reservations.

What happens if I reach my space capacity?

Capacity Limit

When you're on a premium plan, we provide a small buffer to accommodate a few extra people beyond your space capacity. However, if you have significantly more guests or members than anticipated, you'll need to increase your space capacity in your reservation. 

Note: Multiple reservations do not add on to each other. For example, if you have a reservation for 30 people and create another reservation for 10, this does not increase your capacity to 40. Our system recognizes the reservation with the highest capacity.

Capacity Limit Notifications for Admins

Admins will receive a notification when your Space has hit capacity:

Notification that the Space has reached capacity

Notification that invitee was blocked from joining the Space

Admins will get a notification and an email when your space hits capacity and the buffer capacity.

Remote Work Only: If no admin is present in the space, all members will get a notification instead.

Notification that the space has reached over-capacity buffers

Admin view of the Capacity Progress Bar in your main Gather menu

Capacity Limit Text for Invitees Entering a Space at Max Capacity

People who arrive in your space after its capacity has been reached will see the following message: "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter."

Space Capacity Reached Message for Invitees attempting to join - "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter".

Can I upgrade my space while my event is happening?

You can increase space capacity during an event if you created a one-time reservation, but note that it will take roughly 15 minutes before you are able to see the capacity limit increase. You can also switch from a free space to a paid space in the middle of an event.

Note: Check out Edit or Cancel My Reservation for full details on making changes to your reservation.

Do office guests counts towards my capacity?

If someone other than an office member attempts to join a remote work office, they are considered a guest. Guests are counted in your total concurrent user capacity. If you're on a premium plan, your space has a small buffer to accommodate a few extra people. If you reach your space capacity, you'll need to add additional users. You can do this by editing your one-time event reservation or monthly subscription

How do I temporarily add capacity to a monthly subscription?

If you want to host an event or plan to have many guests at once in a space with a subscription, you'll need to increase your space capacity. You'll pay a pro-rated fee for the additional users for the remainder of the month. Before your next subscription renewal, you can reduce the capacity back to what it normally is. 

Note that space capacity is not cumulative. For example, if you have a subscription for 30 people and create a reservation for 10 people, this does not increase your total capacity to 40 people. Our system recognizes the reservation with the highest capacity.

What if I have fewer event attendees than I expected?

Before a one-time reservation starts you can update your space capacity and reduce the number of expected concurrent participants. Head to your space dashboard to review your Reservations. Select Manage next to the reservation you wish to update. Update the Space capacity and you will be partially refunded for the reduced number of guests.

If your event has already started, you can only increase your space's capacity.

We do not offer refunds after an event if the actual number of attendees is less than the forecasted numbers. If you are unsure how to estimate your number of attendees, aim low. You can always increase your space capacity during the event.

What happens to my space when my reservation ends?

You have approximately 15 minutes between the end of your reservation and when your space is moved back to a free plan. During this time, you may experience slight connection issues that can be resolved by refreshing your browser. If you have new people joining your space, they may not be visible to you until you refresh your browser. If more than 10 people are in your space when it is returned to a free plan, you may experience performance issues.

If you would like to use the same space for a future event, you can make a new reservation in the Reservations section of your Space dashboard.

Where's my receipt?

After you pay for a one-time reservation or monthly subscription, you will receive a receipt sent to the email you used to create the reservation. You can search for "Gather Presence, Inc." or "Stripe" in your email to find it. Alternatively, you can visit the Reservations section of your space dashboard, view your Active & Upcoming events, and select Receipt next to the relevant event. A new window will open with your Stripe receipt. 

Note you must be the person who created the reservation to view the receipt.

Tip: Need a detailed invoice? When you create a one-time reservation, select Invoice as the payment option. You will receive a detailed billing and reservation statement in an email. If you have a monthly subscription, you'll always be emailed a detailed invoice.

How do I make a reservation for a 500+ event?

Gather space reservations are limited to a maximum of 500 concurrent users to ensure stability and enhance the user experience. Events with more than 500 users can still take place; they will just need to be split across multiple Spaces, with portals connecting them.

Tip: Gather Ambassadors can help you manage a larger event to make sure it goes smoothly. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for certain non-profits and education institutions. We also provide a 15% for annual subscriptions. Contact our sales team to learn more.