Reservation & Subscription FAQs

What is a reservation and why do I need one?

You make a reservation when you need to have more than 25 people in your Gather Space at the same time (or when you want to have the moderation perks of a Premium Space, like domain access restriction). To make a reservation, you'll need to know the Space capacity, which is the maximum number of people you expect to be in the Space at the same time, as well as the start and end date and time. (However, you don't need an end date when booking a monthly subscription, which renews automatically and bills you monthly.)

Think of it as making a reservation at a restaurant. You need to let them know how many people you expect ahead of time to make sure there is enough room for all of your guests. You can always increase the number of chairs or add tables while you're at the restaurant, but it may take some time. Because the restaurant had to set aside the space in advance, you can't decide to use a smaller space in the middle of your reservation. However, you can absolutely change your reservation to a smaller space before your event starts. Read more about increasing your Space capacity during an event.

When it's time for a reservation to start, Gather will automatically move your Space from our free servers to a dedicated premium server and allow as many people into your Space as you estimated and paid for. Reservations can be for a One-Time Event plan or a monthly plan, and can be made in advance. 

Where are my reservations?

You can easily see all of your reservations from your Space dashboard by selecting Reservations in the Left Nav Menu. Current and future reservations are under the Active & Upcoming, unpaid reservations are under Pending, and previous reservations are under Past.Active and Upcoming Reservations are displaying on a Space dashboard, with two active reservations and one upcoming visible.From your Space dashboard, select Reservations from the Left Nav Menu, and view your Active & Upcoming, Pending, or Past reservations.

What happens if I reach my Space capacity?

Capacity Limit

Gather provides a small buffer to accommodate a few extra attendees beyond your Space capacity. However, if you have a great deal more guests than you expected, you'll need to increase your Space capacity in your reservation. 

Capacity Limit Notifications for Admins 

Admins will receive a notification when your Space has hit capacity: 

Notification that the Space has reached capacity

Notification that invitee was blocked from joining the Space

Admins will get a notification and an email when your Space hits capacity and the buffer capacity.

  • (Remote Work Only: If no admin is present in the Space, all Space members will get a notification instead.)

Notification that the Space has reached over-capacity buffers

Admin view of the Capacity Progress Bar in your main Gather menu

Capacity Limit Text for Invitees Entering a Space at Max Capacity

New guests who arrive in your Space after its Space capacity has been reached will see the following message by default: "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter."

Space Capacity Reached Message for Invitees attempting to join - "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter". 

Note: You can increase your Space capacity during your event or subscription if you exceed your limit. Just note that the changes take about 15 minutes to take effect.

Can I upgrade my Space while my event is happening?

You can increase your capacity during an event with a non-subscription reservation, but note that it will take roughly 15 minutes for the update to work its way through our system and for resources to be reallocated. You can also switch from a Free Space to a Premium Space in the middle of an event without disruptions to your event, but it will take roughly 15 minutes before you are able to see the capacity limit increase. 

Note: Check out Edit or Cancel My Reservation for full details on making changes to your reservation.

Warning: At this time, subscriptions can not be edited. To increase or decrease the capacity for a subscription, you will need to make a new reservation with the updated capacity you want and then cancel your old subscription. Once you've done this, you can email to be prorated for the remaining amount that was not used. Please include both receipt numbers and your Space's URL!

Can I upgrade my Space multiple times?

Yes! You can set up multiple reservations in the same Space. This is a great option if you have a Space that's typically Free and you want to host a special event with more than 25 people, or if you have a paid subscription for a set number of participants but want to host a party or conference where more people will join. You can plan an unlimited number of paid events in a Space, and you can upgrade your event while it's happening. Just head into the Reservations section of your Space dashboard. From there you can Create Reservation or manage an Active & Upcoming event.

What if I have fewer attendees than I expected?

Before your event starts, if you have an Upcoming One-Time Event event, you can update your Space capacity and reduce the number of expected concurrent participants. Head to your Space dashboard to review your Reservations. Select Manage next to the reservation you wish to update. Update the Space capacity and you will be partially refunded for the reduced number of guests.

If your event has already started, you can only increase your Space's capacity. 

Note: You cannot edit an Active or Upcoming Monthly subscription. You must cancel the subscription and create a new one. 

We do not change pricing or offer pro-rated refunds after an event if the actual number of attendees is less than the forecasted numbers as the servers need to be booked and reserved at the time of your event. 

If you are unsure how to estimate your number of attendees, aim low. You can always increase your Space Capacity during the event.

What happens to my Space when my reservation ends?

You have roughly 15 minutes between the time your reservation ends and the time your Space will be moved back to our Free servers. When this happens, you may encounter slight connection issues that will resolve if you refresh the browser. Anyone new who enters your space may not be visible to you until you you refresh your browser. If you have more than 25 people in your Space when it is returns to a Free server, you will likely experience performance issues.

If you'd like to re-use the same Space for a future event, you can make another Premium event reservation in the Reservations section of your Space dashboard

Where's my receipt?

If you pay through the Space dashboard, you will get a receipt sent directly to the email you used to log into Gather. You can search specifically for "Gather Presence, Inc." or "Stripe."

Alternatively, if you visit the the Reservations section of your Space dashboard, you can view your Active & Upcoming events and select Receipt next to the relevant event. A new window will open with your Stripe receipt.

A view of the Space dashboard, with the Reservations section displaying. The Active & Upcoming events display, and the Receipt button is outlined in red next to two active events. You can view your receipts in the Active & Upcoming or Past tab of your Reservations in the Space dashboard.

Tip: Need a detailed invoice? When you create the reservation, select Pay by invoice. You will receive a detailed billing and reservation statement in an email. Just keep in mind you must pay for your reservation or subscription prior to its Start Date!

What is the difference between the daily and monthly plans?

We currently offer 2 different options to best suit your scheduling needs: One-Time Event, and Monthly. The primary difference is purely how long you will need the increased server capacity and premium Space features. Additionally, the One-Time Event plan is a one-time payment, whereas the Monthly plan is an automatically recurring payment for ongoing use. 

Note: When you create your reservation, we automatically apply a discount to your total if there are cost savings available to make sure you're getting the best cost, no matter what plan you choose. 

What plan should I use for one month?

There are two ways you can provide access to your Space for a month or more: using the Per day plan or the Monthly plan. The primary difference between the two plans is whether you wish to pay once for a one-time reservation or if you'd like to be automatically billed every month for an ongoing subscription.

Per Day

If you'd like to set a specific Start and End date and time, select the Per day reservation. The Per day option is also a good option if you don't want to be charged monthly for an automatic renewal. 

Note: You will need to pay upfront for multi-month reservations using this method. If you prefer to be billed monthly, see below for the Monthly plan and remember to cancel before your renewal date. 

Open your Space dashboard. By default, Reservations is selected and Create Reservation displays. Under Per day, click Select. The Calculate Cost window opens. Enter your Space capacity and select the specific Start and End date and times. You will see a Monthly Price Guarantee discount applied to your total. Click Continue to proceed with this reservation option. To return to the reservation options, click Cancel.

A view of the Calculate Cost window for the Per Day reservation. The Calculate Cost window is outlined in red, and a red box outlines the Monthly Price Guarantee, which has been applied to the reservation. The reservation is for 50 people from April 1 at 12:00 am to April 30 at 11:00 pm.Open your Space dashboard. In Reservations, click Create Reservation. Then click Select under the Per Day option.


If you'd like to set a no-hassle monthly subscription that auto-renews and bills you monthly, use the Monthly reservation.

Open your Space dashboard. By default, Reservations is selected and Create Reservation displays. Under Monthly, click Select. The Calculate Cost window opens. Enter your Space capacity and either Start the subscription today, or toggle off to select the specific Start date and time. Select Continue to proceed with this reservation option. To return to the reservation options, click Cancel.

A view of the Calculate Cost window for the Monthly reservation. The Calculate Cost window is outlined in red. The reservation is for 50 people beginning July 12 at 12:00 am.For a Monthly subscription, you can leave as is to start today, or select a specific Start date and time (no End date or time).

Note: Your Monthly reservation is auto-renewed every 30 days according to the Start date selected. If you cancel, you will still have access to all subscription features until the end of your current subscription period. 

How do I plan an event in a Space with a monthly subscription?

If you want to host an event in a Space with a subscription, you'll need to make a reservation on top of your subscription. Head to the Space dashboard and select Reservations. If your event is less than 3 days, choose the One-Time Event plan. If you exceed three days, it will be cheaper to use the monthly subscription pricing plan. For your Space capacity, enter the maximum total number of people you expect to be in the Space at the same time. Specify your Start and End date and time. Complete your reservation. 


You're the Admin of your team's Gather remote work Space. Your Space has a monthly subscription for 45 people. You want to host an after-hours trivia party from 7 to 10 pm next week for your team and their partners, and you think at least 80 people will come. To do this, you go to your Space dashboard and select the Per Day plan, and enter a Space capacity of 80 for 7 to 10 pm next week. 

Just prior to the start time of your event, Gather increases the server resources for your Space. Between 7 and 10 pm, up to 80 people can successfully enter your Space and have a wonderful time playing trivia together. After 10 pm, Gather returns your Space returns back to its regular allocation of resources for 45 people. 

What if...

What if only 60 people show up? Unfortunately, you can't decrease the size of your reservation during the event.

What if 100 people show up?! Once your Space hits the capacity for the event, new people won't be able to enter the Space because it's full. (Read more about creating custom instructions for guests in case this happens.) If people tell you they can't get in, and you see your participant list is already at 80, you can always go to your dashboard and edit your event reservation to increase the size

How do I make a reservation for a 500+ event?

To increase stability and improve the user experience, Gather Space reservations are capped at a maximum capacity of 500 users. Events with more than 500 attendees can absolutely still happen—they will just have to be divided across separate Spaces with portals connecting the separate Spaces. 

If you need a reservation for a 500+ event, we'd love to help you out—just contact us

Tip: Want a seamless experience for your 500+ event? Work with a Gather Service Partner! Check out our list of approved vendors at

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