How do I plan an event in a Space with a monthly subscription?

If you want to host an event in a Space with a subscription, you'll need to make a reservation on top of your subscription. Head to the Space dashboard and select Reservations. If your event is 2 hours or less, select the 2-Hour plan. If the event is for more than 2 hours, choose the Per Day plan. For your Space capacity, enter the maximum total number of people you expect to be in the Space at the same time. Specify your Start and End date and time. Complete your reservation. 


You're the Admin of your team's Gather remote work Space. Your Space has a monthly subscription for 45 people. You want to host an after-hours trivia party from 7 to 10 pm next week for your team and their partners, and you think at least 80 people will come. To do this, you go to your Space dashboard and select the Per Day plan, and enter a Space capacity of 80 for 7 to 10 pm next week. 

Just prior to the start time of your event, Gather increases the server resources for your Space. Between 7 and 10 pm, up to 80 people can successfully enter your Space and have a wonderful time playing trivia together. After 10 pm, Gather returns your Space returns back to its regular allocation of resources for 45 people. 

What if...

What if only 60 people show up? Unfortunately, you can't decrease the size of your reservation during the event.

What if 100 people show up?! Once your Space hits the capacity for the event, new people won't be able to enter the Space because it's full. (Read more about creating custom instructions for guests in case this happens.) If people tell you they can't get in, and you see your participant list is already at 80, you can always go to your dashboard and edit your event reservation to increase the size