Remote Office Guest Experience

Are you inviting a candidate or client to your office, and looking for a secure way to allow them into your Space? We have introduced a new Guest Experience for Remote Work Offices on Gather! This new experience will allow you to invite external Guests while offering the host peace of mind about how often the Guest can join the Space.

Please note that this behavior only occurs if you are sharing the Space URL. If you are accessing a Space via a meeting link the guest access flow will be different.

Guest Experience

Guests will need to notify a Member of the office to let them know that they are wishing to join the Space. When a Guest follows a link to join a Space they will be taken to a screen that provides a list of all of the active Members in the Space. Once they choose the Member they wish to speak with the Member will have the opportunity to Accept or Deny the Request.


Host Experience

If you are logged into your account and occupying the Space you will receive a notification if a Guest is trying to enter to speak with you. You can choose to accept or deny the entry of the Guest. The Guest will be notified if they have been denied entry. If you accept the Guest then you can choose to send them to the lobby (or spawn location) of your Space, or allow them to meet you directly where you are located within the Space.

Guest Management

You can access the Guest Management settings in the Space settings. You can disable the options for Guests to message “Everyone” in the chat, disable the Guest Experience completely, or manage Guest Passes.

Guest Passes

If you have a frequent visitor you can assign them a Guest Pass. The Guest Pass can be set for certain durations and will allow the Guest to bypass the check-in process. The Guest must be signed into a Gather account in order to be issued a Guest Pass. Once you assign a Pass the Guest will receive an email with the details. If you find the need to make changes, you can manage the Guest Pass duration or revoke it after it has been created.

If you have any questions about the Guest Experience please feel free to Contact Us.