Where's my receipt?

If you pay through the Space dashboard, you will get a receipt sent directly to the email you used to log into Gather. You can search specifically for "Gather Presence, Inc." or "Stripe."

Alternatively, if you visit the the Reservations section of your Space dashboard, you can view your Active & Upcoming events and select Receipt next to the relevant event. A new window will open with your Stripe receipt.

A view of the Space dashboard, with the Reservations section displaying. The Active & Upcoming events display, and the Receipt button is outlined in red next to two active events. You can view your receipts in the Active & Upcoming or Past tab of your Reservations in the Space dashboard.

Tip: Need a detailed invoice? When you create the reservation, select Pay by invoice. You will receive a detailed billing and reservation statement in an email. Just keep in mind you must pay for your reservation or subscription prior to its Start Date!