Rec Room Team Socials

Looking for a no-hassle social for your office? Whether you're planning a virtual party complete with snack box subscriptions or just want to take a breather from the work week, we've got you covered with the Rec Room! 

The Rec Room is a doorway that leads to multiple social events that are all set up for you. Just walk up to the Rec Room doorway and press "x" to choose a social!

Riley walks up to the Rec Room doorway, which doesn't have a social chosen. A prompt message reads Press x to choose a social.The Rec Room lets you quickly create a no-hassle social for your team!

Note: The Rec Room is a remote-work only feature that creates a portal to different Gather experiences

Start a Social

Walk up to the Rec Room doorway and press "x" to choose a social from the drop-down list. A gif offers a preview of the social you've selected. Select Create social room.

The Create a social room window allows you to choose one of three social rooms. This preview shows Go karts, with a preview gif of the go kart track and the description Walk up to the Rec Room, press "x" on your keyboard, choose the social room you want, and select Create social room

Once you've selected the social, the doorway updates to match the social you've chosen.

The Riley avatar stands in front of a doorway that says Race Track and has checkered banners on either side of the door.The Rec Room doorway updates to the social you've chosen. Just walk on in!

Anyone who walks up to the Rec Room will see the social that's most recently been selected. When you enter a social, look for the Info Kiosk, which provides directions for running the social! 

Riley stands in front of an Info Kiosk in the Go Kart track. A pop-up message reads Each social in the Rec Room has an Info Kiosk, which has directions for running the social! Just press "x" to view.

Add the Rec Room

If you've made your own office or did not use the onboarding flow to create your office, you may not have the Rec Room in your Space. Don't worry—you can add it! 

From your Space, select Build in the toolbar. Enter "Rec Room" in the Search bar of the Build pane or select Open object picker, then search for Rec Room. (You can also add the Rec Room from Object Picker in the Mapmaker. )

The Object Picker open in a Space. Rec room is entered in the search field, and the Rec Room object is selected. The object description reads Search for Rec Room in the Object Picker.

Warning: The Rec Room is currently only available for remote work Spaces. If you're not in a remote work Space, you will not see the Rec Room in the Object Picker.

Choose Select from the Object Picker and place the doorway object in your Space. Hold down the Ctrl/⌘ key to make sure the object snaps to the grid so the doorway lines up with the tiles. (Once you're done placing an object in the Space, collapse the Build pane.)

Place the Rec Room object in your Space.

Tip: You can put the Rec Room anywhere, but you may want to clear a spot on a wall to place the object where it would make sense to have a doorway. Hold down the Ctrl/⌘ key to make sure the object snaps to the grid!

Rec Room Tips

  • If two (or more) people select different options, both socials can happen at the same time. The most recently selected social will display for the doorway. For example:
    • Bob walks up to the Rec Room and chooses Go Karts. He and Anne go into the Rec Room and race each other on the track.
    • While Bob and Anne are racing, Frank walks up to the Rec Room and decides he wants to play Tetris with four co-workers. He and the co-workers can head into the Tetris Tourney to battle. If someone else walks up to the Rec Room, the Tetris doorway will display. 
  • If you want to remove the Rec Room, use the Mapmaker because you will need to remove both the Rec Room object and the portals to the socials.