What happens if I reach my space capacity?

Capacity Limit

When you're on a premium plan, we provide a small buffer to accommodate a few extra people beyond your space capacity. However, if you have significantly more guests or members than anticipated, you'll need to increase your space capacity in your reservation. 

Note: Multiple reservations do not add on to each other. For example, if you have a reservation for 30 people and create another reservation for 10, this does not increase your capacity to 40. Our system recognizes the reservation with the highest capacity.

Capacity Limit Notifications for Admins

Admins will receive a notification when your Space has hit capacity:


Notification that the Space has reached capacity


Notification that invitee was blocked from joining the Space

Admins will get a notification and an email when your space hits capacity and the buffer capacity.

Remote Work Only: If no admin is present in the space, all members will get a notification instead.


Notification that the space has reached over-capacity buffers


Admin view of the Capacity Progress Bar in your main Gather menu

Capacity Limit Text for Invitees Entering a Space at Max Capacity

People who arrive in your space after its capacity has been reached will see the following message: "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter."


Space Capacity Reached Message for Invitees attempting to join - "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter".