How do I use the Q&A chat feature?

Our Event Spaces support moderated Q&A during scheduled sessions. With this feature, attendees can ask a question during a session, others can upvote the question, and the speaker, Mod, or Admin can review, approve, or respond to the questions. 

Note: Q&A is only available to attendees during scheduled sessions in Event Spaces. 

To add a session, you need to use the event checklist feature, which you can find by selecting the Events tab from your homepage, then selecting Create Event. You can build a new Event Space with our dynamic Map builder, or you can choose to use an existing Space. From the checklist, select Add session. Make sure to add a session in a specific Room; the Q&A feature is tied to the Room. 

Note: Each session you add to the schedule generates a unique instance of a Room. While you still select "Talk Room 1" for the location of the session, each session within that Talk Room creates a unique Room. After the session is over, you can walk up to that Talk Room in the Space and press "x" to see all sessions that were assigned to that Room. Enter the room for the desired session to manage the Q&A for that session.

After the session is over, Mods, Admins, or Speakers can download the Q&A. Interact with the Room that the session was in, and select the session you wish to download.