Are you an expert at knowing when Frank from IT is lying to you? Can you fool Sam from HR into believing you have a pet turtle named Gonzo? Well then, poker night just might be the Gather experience for you! 

Note: You may be in a Gather Space that already has poker as part of the template. You can also add a poker game to your Space at any time through the Object Picker in the Games section.


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
    • Currently the poker template in this article is only available in remote work Spaces as a social through the Rec Room or in the Remote Work team experiences. You can easily design something similar yourself, and add poker from the Object Picker!
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ (2 out of 5, for knowing how to play poker)
  • Players: 2-10 (per game)
  • Emcee: Not needed
  • Average Time: As long or short as you like, but generally 15-30 minutes

Bet, Check, or Fold?

To start your poker game, players just walk up to the game and press "x." 

Note: The first person who starts the game is the gamemaster who has to approve all buy-ins. 

Riley is standing next to table with poker on it. A message reads Press x to play poker.Press "x" to join the poker game!

Tip: The poker within Gather is provided from a third-party, LiPoker. You don't play with real money—just virtual. 

When you press "x," you'll be prompted to enter your name to join the game. (Entering a password is optional.) You can choose to Spectate or Play.

The LiPoker new game screen where you enter your username and select whether to Spectate or Play.Enter your name and select Spectate or Play to join the game.

As each person joins the game and buys in, the gamemaster must approve their buy-in. Next, make your first bets! You can tell whose turn it is by the teal circle displaying around the person's name/seat, as well as the chat log.

Bonus Tips

  • Because LiPoker is a third-party tool, we don't provide complete instructions on how their interface works. You can get in touch with them on Twitter if you have questions about the poker game, itself.
  • If you're planning a social, share a poker basics article or video for newbies. 
  • Curate a YouTube playlist of great poker matches to watch between games. 
  • Perfect your poker face by wearing sunglasses or other clever disguises. Make sure to update your Gather character to match!