Performance Profile

To create a performance profile in Chrome:  

  1. Right click anywhere on the toolbar in your Gather Space and select Inspect or Inspect Element. The developer console opens.
  2. In the developer console, open the Performance tab, then select the recording button to start recording performance data.
  3. Reproduce your performance issue during the recording!
    a. You may need to refresh in order to reproduce your issue again - plan ahead and do that before you start recording if necessary.
    b. If it’s a transient issue (e.g., after walking out of a meeting and suddenly your performance is terrible for no reason) don’t refresh before recording.
  4. Stop the recording and wait for your performance profile to load.
  5. Select Save Profile next to the Record button in the console.
  6. Save the file, then send it to us (or if it's too large to send, upload it somewhere and send us the link).