Objects Overview

This article offers an overview of what objects are, who can add them, how and where to use the Object Picker, and other helpful details. 

Tip: Check out the Space Design > Objects category for more in-depth articles about popular objects.

You can also watch the following YouTube tutorial for a quick overview of objects and a walkthrough of the Object Picker:

What is an object?

Objects are the images you can place in your Space, on top of your Space's background image. They can be uploaded as custom object images, or selected from the large variety of pre-generated objects inside of our Object Picker. Objects can be almost any size, but are often scaled to match your avatar's size and can be moved, edited, and deleted without affecting the main background image. There are two primary categories of objects:

  • Decorative objects: Images that are purely aesthetic with no interaction (e.g., furniture, plants, food)
  • Interactive objects: Images that provide access to embedded media or some form of interactive functionality when you press "x" (e.g., TVs, whiteboards).

Who can add objects to a Space?

  • If you are the Owner of a Space, you automatically have access to the Object Picker via the Build tool in the Left Nav Menu of your Space and via the Mapmaker. You can add other users as Owners, as well.
  • Owners can also add users as Builders to give them access to the in-Space Build tool and the Mapmaker. (Go to Settings > Space > User Roles)
  • If you want users to be able to place objects but not use the Mapmaker, turn on Global Build in Space Settings. Global Build allows anyone to add and remove objects via the in-Space Build tool. 

A view of the Space Settings window with the Space Customization option open. A red arrow points to the Global Build toggle, which is turned on. To turn on Global Build, open Space Settings, select Space Customization, and toggle on Global Build.

Tip: Want more details? Read more about User Roles, the Build tool, and the Mapmaker

How do you get to the Object Picker?

You can get to the Object Picker in your Space or in the Mapmaker. In your Space, select Build (hammer icon) in the Left Nav Menu. You can quickly search for an object or place a recent or suggested object, or you can select Open object picker

A view of the fancy office template. The Build panel is expanded. At the top of the Build panel is a search field, an empty section of Recent Objects, a plant, chair, desk, Draw Battle, whiteboard, and tetris object in Suggested Objects, and three buttons: Open object picker, Upload image, and Edit in Mapmaker. The Build hammer icon is outlined in red. In your Space, select Build in the Left Nav Menu. Select Open object picker.  From the Mapmaker, select Objects in the Top Nav Menu. In the right panel in the Objects tab, select More Objects.

A view of the fancy office template in the Mapmaker. In the Top Nav Menu, Objects is outlined in red. In the right panel, a red box is drawn around the Objects tab.In the Mapmaker, select Objects in the Top Nav Menu. In the right panel in the Objects tab, select More Objects.

How do you use the Object Picker?

All categories are listed in the Left Nav Menu of the Object Picker. Seasonal categories change with—wait for it—the season! Use the search bar at the top if you're looking for a specific object. 

In the right panel when an object is selected, the Object Details section shows the object, as well as any additional colors that are available for that object. Select the color to preview the object in that color. Use the rotational arrows to turn the object clockwise (right arrow or keyboard shortcut R) or counterclockwise (left arrow or keyboard shortcut Shift+R). 

A view of the Object Picker open in the Mapmaker. The Furniture category is selected in the Left Nav Menu, and Adirondack Chair is selected. In the right panel, a blue Adirondack chair faces you. Available colors include black, green, purple, light green, brown, light blue, red, light brown, white, lavender, orange, yellow, and pink. In the Object interactions section, No interaction is selected.A view of the Object Picker in the Mapmaker. When you select an object, the Object Details section shows a preview of the object, with the option to rotate the object clockwise or counterclockwise, as well as available colors for the object. In the Object interactions section, most objects default to No interaction

How do you make an object interactive?

By default, most objects do not have interactions added, with the except of Games, Sound, and a few special objects like the whiteboard. When you select an object, you can select from the available interactions:

  • Embedded Website: Link to any embeddable website directly inside a Gather iframe. 
  • Embedded Image: Upload image (.png, .jpeg, .gif) to display inside a Gather iframe.
  • Embedded Video: Link to an embeddable video from YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo. Works for playlists and live streams as well.
  • External Call: Link to an external call (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.). Call will open in new window and auto-mute in Gather.
  • Note Object: Display lines of text or provide links for users to open in a new window.

Tip: Each interaction type has its own article! Read more in the Interactive Objects category.

Can you add your own objects?

Yes, you can! On the bottom left of the Left Nav Menu of the Object Picker, there are two special options: 

  • Insert Text:  Add plain black text to label your space. You can change the size of the text and set the x,y offset. At this time, you cannot change the font or color. 
  • Upload New: Upload any sort of custom object! Keep in mind a tile in the Map is 32x32 pixels, so your object should be scaled to that size.

Tip: Check out the Custom Objects article for full details on uploading your own objects, or catch our short video tutorial: https://youtu.be/2XjTLK6aNz0

How many objects can you add?

There is not a specific number of objects you can add to your Space. Instead, the entire Map has a size limit. If you see an "An error has occurred" error while you're working in the Mapmaker, you've likely hit the size limit. We're working on improving this experience.

Tip: Read more about troubleshooting "An error has occurred."