"No Room of This ID" Error

Seeing this error message is typically the result of including special characters in the name of your space.  Your space name  doubles as the tail-end of the URL of your space, so it cannot include any special characters like space, \ , < , > , . , @ , ? , &, etc. and any character outside the ASCII charset. 

In order to gain access to your space, you will need to change the name of the space. To do this, you need to clone the space in question and use a name for the cloned space that does not include any special characters. For instructions on cloning a space, please refer to the Help Center article on copying a room or Space.

(Above) The end of the "Create a New Space" flow, with a space name that includes special characters (" %@special//:.!")

(Above) This image shows the resulting error message when one tries to create a space with special characters in the name.  The screen is white with text in the upper right corner that reads "No room found of this ID".  Note that the special characters have been removed from the URL, leaving the word "special" isolated at the end of the URL.