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  2. Gather Lost Connection

    If you see a "Gather lost connection" error message, it's possible you've lost connection to Gather's servers. You may still be connected to our video servers and be able to see and hear others, but movement and object interact...
  3. All I see is a black screen—what do I do?

    There are several reasons why you may see a black screen or black background. Here are some quick troubleshooting tricks you can try to resolve your issue. Reset Your Location Occasionally there may be an issue with your current position due to ma...
  4. Booths & Poster Sets

    How to add a poster or a logo to an existing poster or booth set and add a booth or poster set, plus tips and tricks for poster and booth halls.
  5. Choose Primary Room

    How to set the primary Room, which is where new guests arrive in your Space.
  6. How do I get livestreams to work?

    For livestreams, you need to leave the Synchronized Start Time and Display (Start) and Display (End) fields blank in the Advanced Options for Embedded Video . The synced TV function automatically moves the time dial forward or backward to e...
  7. Activation Distance

    What the activation distance is and how to interact with interactive objects in Gather.
  8. Ambient Noise

    We offer sound emitter objects to add ambient background noise to your Space, such as ocean waves or cafe chatter. You can manually add sound emitters or objects with sound to your Space, or your template or object may come with a sound emitter alre...
  9. Firefox Issues

    In August 2021, Firefox was updated to use a new video rendering technology called WebRender.  WebRender may improve audio and video performance in Gather, but it may also cause instability and other issues like flickering, artifacting (graphi...
  10. How do I move, realign, or expand my background?

    Unfortunately, you cannot realign your background image.  The anchor and origin point of your background is in the upper left corner of your image. This means if you want to expand your existing Map, you can build out down and to the right. As ...