New Articles

  1. Different Space Types

    How to tell what kind of Space you're in and what features are generally available in each type of Space
  2. Pets

    How to add a pet to your Gather Space
  3. Vote With Your Feet

    How to use the Vote with Your Feet extension to tally votes by the number of people standing in an area
  4. Deca Art

    How to add interactive art to your Gather Space
  5. Timed Objects

    Article coming soon!
  6. Friendly Plants

    How to add the friendly plant extension to your Space, which adds a growing plant you can water
  7. Plan for Success in Your Gather Event

    How to plan for a successful virtual event on Gather
  8. Use the Checklist

    How to use the events checklist to plan and host an event on Gather
  9. How do I plan an event in a Space with a monthly subscription?

    If you want to host an event in a Space with a subscription, you'll need to make a reservation on top of your subscription. Head to the  Space dashboard and select Reservations . If your event is 2 hours or less, select the 2-Hour pla...
  10. Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

    Why yes, we do have shortcuts!