New Articles

  1. How do I use the Q&A chat feature?

    How to use or add the Q&A feature in Gather
  2. Escape the Island

    How to get started with Gather's virtual escape room, Escape the Island
  3. Talent Show

    How to run a talent show in Gather
  4. Go Karts

    How to add go-karts to your Gather Space
  5. World Clock

    How to add the World Clock extension to your Space to show your local time.
  6. Gather Navigation

    How to navigate and access features in Gather
  7. Different Space Types

    How to tell what kind of Space you're in and what features are generally available in each type of Space
  8. Pets

    How to add a pet to your Gather Space
  9. Vote With Your Feet

    How to use the Vote with Your Feet extension to tally votes by the number of people standing in an area
  10. Deca Art

    How to add interactive art to your Gather Space