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  1. Do you have Space metrics and analytics?

    At this time, we do not offer analytics, statistics, or metrics for your Space or event hosted on Gather.  If you are interested in requesting this feature, please upvote the post on our Feature Request Board .   ...
  2. Information Board

    How to add, edit, or delete pinned messages in the Information Board.
  3. What is the difference between the Build tool and the Mapmaker?

    The difference between the Build tool and Mapmaker, and who can use these features
  4. What is a reservation and why do I need one?

    You make a reservation when you need to have more than 25 people in your Gather Space at the same time (or when you want to have the moderation perks of a Premium Space, like domain access restriction ). To make a reservation , you'll need t...
  5. What is the difference between a Guest and a Member?

    In remote work Spaces, the Participants list divides users into three groups: Members, Guests, and Offline Members. A M ember is a user logged into the Space with their Gather account who has been set as a M oderator , Builder, or O wner in th...
  6. Remote Work FAQs

    Are you using Gather for your remote office? Here's a list of FAQs that may help you out.
  7. Why can't I edit my Monthly subscription?

    At this time, you cannot edit Active or Upcoming Monthly  subscriptions to increase your Space capacity. Instead, you have to first cancel the current reservation and place a new one.  When you cancel a Monthly reservation, you will no...
  8. Virtual Pumpkin Carving

    Can't get together in person to carve pumpkins? Or maybe you don't have a physical office you can decorate with freshly carved pumpkins. Either way, we have a solution! Virtual pumpkin carving! Create pumpkins with your friends or co-workers...
  9. Experiences Overview

    A quick preview of the Experiences section of our help center, where we provide instructions and tips for activities and experiences in Gather.
  10. Removing Extra Rooms

    Have an extra room in your template? Here's how to delete the door and pretend it never existed.
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