New Articles

  1. Can I add more Admins?

    You can head to your Space dashboard to add Admins/Owners and Builders to your space.  Space Dashboard User Roles tab will allow you to add more Admins to your Space. If you get an error saying their emails are not recognized, that m...
  2. Gather Slack Integration

    Gather offers an App for Slack to allow our users to launch a Gather meeting instantly from within Slack. Note:  You must be a Space admin to see these options in your Gather Space. Connect your Gather Space In the Space you want to boo...
  3. Gather Status Icons

    You can see the current activity status of other users in your Space with the Gather Status Icons. Gather Status Icons are located next to a users name in-Space, or next to their avatar image in the Participants' List. Available The user is a...
  4. Background Blur

    We understand that it's difficult to keep a tidy background when working at home, so we've launched a Background Blur feature!  To try it out, click on the arrow next to your video icon and then toggle the Blackground blur feature to o...
  5. Gather Meetings Extension

    How to install and configure the Gather Meetings Chrome Extension to automatically add meeting links to your Gather office!
  6. How do I use the Q&A chat feature?

    How to use or add the Q&A feature in Gather
  7. Talent Show

    How to run a talent show in Gather
  8. Go Karts

    How to add go-karts to your Gather Space
  9. Gather Navigation

    How to navigate and access features in Gather
  10. Different Space Types

    How to tell what kind of Space you're in and what features are generally available in each type of Space