Admin FAQs

How long does it take to set up a Gather Space?

The amount of time it takes to create a Gather Space varies greatly, depending on your personal design and technical experience. You've got four basic options to create your Space:

  1. Use our onboarding flow: We'll ask you a few questions and create a custom Space for you. Just head to and select why you're creating the Space. 
  2. Use a template: The fastest way to create a custom Space is to start with one of our templates and then customize it. Check out our Create a Space in 5 Minutes or Less article for steps! You can easily add Rooms to your Space from our templates, as well. 
  3. Create your own: The longer method is to design your own backgrounds through a third-party tool like Tiled or Adobe Photoshop, then upload those custom background images
  4. Hire a Service Partner: You can also check out our list of Gather-approved Service Partners who can do all the Space design for you!

Can you make a Space for me?

If you love Gather but would like someone to create a Space for you, we suggest working with any of our Gather Service Partners. Our Service Partners are independent firms that are Gather experts and can help create or manage your event Space! 

Our Partners provide some or all of the following services as a separate scope and fee: 

  • Custom map creation
  • Custom icebreakers and social events
  • Event planning and registration
  • Custom API development
  • Non-English support
  • Live technical support during your event
  • Live help desk staff and greeters during your event
  • Custom introductory videos
  • Presentation support, including slide design, video production, speech writing, and rehearsals

If you'd like to talk to or work with a Partner for the perfect event or Space, check out the Partners page. 

How do I change my Space name?

Unfortunately, you cannot rename a Space at this time. However, you can copy or clone your existing Space and give the new space the name that you prefer.

You can upvote this request or add a comment on the Change Space Name thread at

Can I add more Admins?

You can head to your Space dashboard to add Admins/Owners and Builders to your space. 

Space Dashboard User Roles tab will allow you to add more Admins to your Space.

If you get an error saying their emails are not recognized, that means they have not created an account with Gather yet. Please ask them to head to to sign up. 

Please note that if you add multiple Admins and/or Builders, you cannot have the Builders working on the same map at the same time. If one person clicks Save in the mapmaker, it will override any map edits being made at the same time by other map Builders (through mapmaker and build tool). 

"No Room of This ID" Error

If you see "No Room of This ID" when you try to open your Space, you may have included spaces or special characters in the name of your Space.  Your Space name is part of the URL for your Space, so it cannot include any special characters like spaces or \ , < , > , . , @ , ? , &, etc. and any character outside the ASCII charset. 

In order to gain access to your Space, you will need to copy the Space, then use a name for the cloned Space that does not include any special characters. For instructions on cloning a Space, please refer to our article on copying a room or Space.

"An Error Has Occurred" Error

Sometimes when you have a lot of objects, tiles, or a very large custom Map, a generic "an error has occurred" or "request failed with status code 500" message displays. This error prevents you from adding too many objects that must load individually, which can put excess strain on participants' CPU and result in a poor experience for that participant.

If you run into this error, we recommend creating separate Rooms with smaller footprints to divide some of the objects into different Rooms. Another solution is to use third-party software like Tiled to create a custom background with objects built into the background (e.g., design a background image with trees, rather than adding individual tree objects to the Map). This will allow objects to load as a part of the background image, instead of individual objects within the Space.

How can I see who has visited my Space?

Space analytics are now being offered as a premium feature for any Remote Work Spaces that have enrolled in our Monthly Subscription pricing plan! If you are an office who has enrolled in this plan and are interested in receiving analytics about your Space, please contact us.

What is the difference between Space and personal calendars?

In the Calendar Integration article, we cover how to add a calendar to your Space that displays for all participants. A new feature that's in beta for remote work Spaces is the personal calendar. You now have the ability to integrate your personal Google calendar in addition to, or in place of, a Space-wide calendar. 

Personal Calendar

Currently, you are only able to add a personal calendar in remote work Spaces. This feature is in beta. You can add your personal calendar through Google OAuth integration. In the toolbar, select Calendar, then select Sign in with Google

Note: You do not need to change your Google calendar settings to "public" to add to your Space.

The Fancy Office template with the Calendar panel open. The Calendar panel shows an avatar with a question mark above her head and the text "No calendar connected" with the description "Link your Google Calendar to view your upcoming events." There is a Sign in with Google button outlined in a red rectangle. The button beneath it says Create new event.In a remote work Space, you can add your personal calendar using Google OAuth integration. 

Personal Events

Events from your personal calendar are only visible to you.

You can create an events for your personal calendar if you are a Member of the Space and have your personal calendar linked through Google OAuth. When you create a new calendar event, you will be taken to Google to complete the calendar event creation process.

Note: From Google, make sure you select the correct calendar to add your new calendar event to (personal v. public).

Select Settings (cog icon) in the Events pane, then select the Manage calendar tab, and select Disconnect your account

The Calendar settings modal open to the manage calendar tab. A red arrow points from the settings icon to the disconnect your account button in the modal.Select the Settings icon in the Events pane to disconnect your personal calendar.

Space Calendar

You can add a Space-wide calendar if you have the Admin or Mod user role. The Space calendar is integrated though an iCal link. For complete details on adding a Space calendar, please read the Calendar Integration article. You can add new calendar events with Custom Spawn Tile location links if you (a) have the Admin, Mod, Builder, or Member user role, and (b) have permission in the calendar application you are using  to add events. 

Note: Your Space calendar must be set as "public" to be added to your Space.