Network & Firewall

Everything you need to know about accessing Gather.

Performance Profile

To create a performance profile in Chrome:  

  1. Right click anywhere on the toolbar in your Gather Space and select Inspect or Inspect Element. The developer console opens.
  2. In the developer console, open the Performance tab, then select the recording button to start recording performance data.
  3. Reproduce your performance issue during the recording!
    a. You may need to refresh in order to reproduce your issue again - plan ahead and do that before you start recording if necessary.
    b. If it’s a transient issue (e.g., after walking out of a meeting and suddenly your performance is terrible for no reason) don’t refresh before recording.
  4. Stop the recording and wait for your performance profile to load.
  5. Select Save Profile next to the Record button in the console.
  6. Save the file, then send it to us (or if it's too large to send, upload it somewhere and send us the link). 

VPN & Firewall Access

Because of the nature of the server infrastructure of virtual private network (VPN), Gather is unable to properly function on some kinds of VPNs, campus networks, or corporate networks. If you're in such a situation, you can try:

  • disabling your VPN
  • visiting your VPN provider's support website and trying different connection options
  • changing your connection to a different server or network if your VPN will allow you to do so
  • asking your network administrator to unblock Gather

If you are a in a position to unblock Gather from your network, there are also other options.

We use Twilio to accommodate firewalls and restrictive networks. Instructions for unblocking their ip addresses in your region are available on Twilio's Knowledgebase. 

There's one notable exception: Twilio recommends unblocking ports 10000-60000 UDP, which is no longer required to use Gather.

Spectrum Wireless Issues

If you have Spectrum Wireless as your internet service provider, and a specific router pictured below, there are a few extra steps you may need to take to have a good experience on Gather.

The Spectrum Wave 2 router

Right now, we believe the IPv6 firewall on this specific router is blocking Gather’s network traffic; this can cause you or other guests in your Gather Space to appear to reconnect every 30 seconds. These kinds of disconnections can disrupt conversation and building. Because turning off the firewall on your router is unsafe, try turning off IPV6 on your computer instead.

To turn off IPv6 on a PC:

  1. Click on the Network / Wi-Fi icon on the bottom-right hand side of your screen.
  2. Open the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click Change Adapter Options.
  4. Right click on your active network interface (Usually Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and select Properties.
  5. In the Properties window, scroll down until you see Internet Protocol Version 6.
  6. Un-check the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click OK to save the changes.
  7. Refresh your Gather window if you have it open; you may have to close and reopen your web browser for changes to take effect.

To turn off IPv6 on a Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Make sure your active network interface is selected.
  4. Click Advanced in the lower right corner.
  5. Click the tab at the top of the window that says TCP/IP.
  6. Under the Configure IPv6 dropdown, change from Automatically (On) to Link-Local Only. On some versions of MacOS, you may have to set it to Off.
  7. Click Ok, and then Apply.
  8. Refresh your Gather window if you have it open; you may have to close and reopen your web browser for changes to take effect.