Multiple Language Support

Gather now supports three languages in the web experience and our desktop app: English, Japanese, and Portuguese. Customers can control their language settings by following these steps:

Note: These steps must be followed separately for both the desktop app and web experience.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the User tab
  3. Click on Language & Region
  4. Select the preferred language
  5. Refresh the app or browser for the changes to take effect.

Troubleshooting unexpected behavior

IssueWhat to checkExplanation
I want Gather to be in a different language than what I use in my browser or device settings. Make sure you've updated your settings to your preferred language inside Gather.We currently mirror your default browser language settings.
I see one language in the desktop app and another in the browser. You need to set you preferred language in both the desktop app and web browser experience separately. Currently, our app and web browser experiences don't mirror each other's language settings and must be configured separately. 
Why do I see one language in some spaces and a different language in others?
Make sure to update your preferred language in Settings for each space that you join.
You can configure your language settings to be unique for each space.
I've noticed a problem with Gather's translations.Make sure to report a bug through Grapes Menu > Report Issue / bug. We love feedback and want to make sure our translations are accurate.