Do Not Disturb Mode

To connect only to the audio and video of people right next to you (within one tile), turn on Do Not Disturb mode from your personal menu or by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + U. Your status indicator will turn red in the toolbar, next to your name in the Participants list, and on your name label. 

Sam is sitting on a blue couch and Riley is two tiles away from Sam. An annotation reads You do not connect to others' a/v unless you are within one tile of them.Riley is in Quiet Mode, as seen by the red status indicator, and they are not connected to Sam because they're two tiles apart.

Ghost Mode

If you are blocked in by other people or you want to enter a spot where all the seats are taken, press and hold the "g" key to enter Ghost Mode. This allows you to pass through tiles that are occupied by other people.

A gif of Riley entering ghost mode and walking through Sam. When Riley is in ghost mode, they become semi-transparent.Riley enters ghost mode by holding the "g" key and can walk through Sam.

Warning: While in Ghost mode, you will be disconnected from everyone and will be unable to make new audio or video connections until you exit Ghost mode.

Dance Mode

You can dance by pressing "z" on your keyboard. To stop dancing, use the arrow or WASD keys.

Riley begins pumping their arms up and down and wiggling their hips. Sam is also dancing to the right of Riley.Riley and Sam are dancing by pressing "z"!

Debug Mode

You can view details on incoming/outgoing audio and video from User Settings > Audio/Video and toggling on Debug mode or by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + D. This is mostly used for troubleshooting issues with Gather support staff.