Quiet Mode

If you wish to reduce the number of video call connections your device makes, you can turn on Quiet Mode by pressing Ctrl + U (Windows) or + U (Mac) or by selecting it from your user menu. 

You can turn on  Quiet Mode from your user menu, found by clicking on your name on the bottom, center control bar. 

When you're in Quiet Mode, you  will only be able to connect with and video chat with those who are immediately adjacent to you (diagonals included). People outside of this range will appear faded to you. Additionally, your status indicator will turn red in your control bar, next to your name in the Participant's List, and next to your avatar inside of your video window that others see. 

A screenshot from There are two users, standing one tile apart; one user has Quiet Mode off, and their video call is connected.A screenshot from There are the same two users, standing one tile apart; the user on the left has Quiet Mode on, and is not connected to the user on the right.

Notes on Quiet Mode

  • Quiet mode is overridden by private areas - that is, you will still be connected to everyone in a private space, regardless of distance. 
  • Some users use Quiet Mode to indicate when they are busy, or away from the keyboard.

Ghost Mode

Are you blocked in by other people or do you want to enter a Private Area where all the seats are taken? Press and hold the "g" key to enter Ghost Mode. This allows you to pass through tiles that are occupied by other people. Consequently, this means you can use Ghost Mode to have multiple people stack up on the same tile.

Warning: While in Ghost Mode, you will be disconnected from everyone and will be unable to make new audio or video connections until you exit Ghost Mode.

Dance Mode

You can make your avatar dance by pressing "Z" on your keyboard. A heart displays above your avatar's head when you are dancing.