Mobile Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble hearing or seeing other users on mobile, try a few of the following steps to reconnect to Gather:

Audio/Video and Performance Issues 

  • Turn your mic and/or video off and on again.
  • Enable Prioritized Audio, which turns off the video feeds of the people you are connected to. To do this, tap the white icon of the camera with the line through it that displays beneath a person's video feed. To re-enable video, tap the green camera icon.

In the video carousel at the top of your mobile screen, tap the icon of the camera with a line through it to disable or enable video feeds.

  • Turn on Quiet Mode to limit your a/v connections. (Select the three dots in the bottom bar of your mobile screen, then select Quiet Mode. However, this feature is not available for remote work Spaces).

Warning: Currently on iOS Safari, you need to mute and unmute your audio and video manually when you enter a new conversation. Otherwise, you can see yourself, but others cannot hear or see you. 

Black Video Feeds from Others

  • Tap the video feed to expand to full screen to refresh the video feed.

Still having issues?

  • Check out our Gather Status site to see if Gather is having any issues site-wide. 
  • Report a bug by selecting the three dots in the bottom bar of your mobile screen and then selecting Report an Issue. (Read more on reporting issues.) 

Three screenshots of Gather on mobile. In the far left image, the bottom menu is expanded and Report an issue is outlined in red. In the second image, the Report an issue modal is open, which lets you select a Reason for the bug report, enter your email address, and enter a message. The third image is the success message that displays when you submit a bug report on mobile. To change your settings, tap the three dots in the bottom bar of your mobile screen. Select Report an issue to submit a bug report.