Mobile Support

Unfortunately we are unable to give the mobile/tablet version as much attention as we would like right now. The mobile experience is limited to explorting the space with your avatar and only outputting your audio but  not video. You will still be able to see videos from others, but they will not be able to see you.

The known issues we have with our mobile/tablet beta experience currently include:
- Embedded videos overlay the directional keys
- Difficulty interacting with objects
- Avatars can not be changed
- Cannot screenshare iPad screens (But you will be able to see what other people screenshare)
- Difficulty activating portals into other spaces or external calls

Some of these issues could be overcome by having an external keyboard connected to your device, or if you are able to access your touchscreen keyboard while inside of Gather. We understand that this is unideal and in time we hope to improve the experience, but right now we encourage everyone to access Gather from their personal computers.

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