Users can send and view messages in the Chat Panel, located above the participants tab, second from the bottom on the left of your screen. Here, you can view past messages, as well as send messages of your own.

You can access the messaging system by clicking the chat bubbles icon in the bottom left of the screen

There, you can send messages to three different kinds of recipients, which you can toggle using the options located in the drop box at the bottom of the Chat Panel. 

These options allow you to send a message to:

  1. Everyone - Your message will appear in the chat panel for every user in the space. 
  2. Nearby - Your message will appear in the chat panel for every user that you are currently video chatting with. This could be whoever is standing within your interaction distance, or whoever you are in a private space with. 
  3. Individuals - The remaining options will display the names of other users in the room. You can scroll through this to select a user to send a private message to. You can also click on a users name in the chat history to make them the recipient of your next message.

A screenshot with examples of messages to everyone, nearby, and private messages.

You can also click on a person's name in the chat panel to automatically start private messaging them. 

Note that you can only send private messages to users that are currently online and in the Space with you.

To close the side panel, click the arrow in the upper left. This works for Builder mode, the Calendar pane, the Chat panel, and the Participants list.

View of the top left corner of a Gather window, with a Chat panel open. The left-facing caret is circled in red to emphasize where to click to collapse the panel.Click the arrow to close the side panel.

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