Mapmaker Troubleshooting

"An Error Has Occurred" Error

Sometimes when you have a lot of objects, tiles, or a very large custom map,  a generic "An error has occurred" message displays. This error prevents you from adding too many things to the Space that are required to load individually, which can put excess strain on participants' CPU and result in a poor experience for that participant.

If you run into this error, we recommend creating separate Rooms with smaller footprints to divide some of the objects into different Rooms. This will help spread out some of the objects that need to be loaded and allow participants to load them properly. 

Another solution that requires more design work is to use a third party software like Tiled to create custom backgrounds with objects built into the background. This will allow objects to load as a part of the background image, instead of individual objects within the Space.

How do I upload a PDF?

There is not a quick uploader for PDFs like there is for images, but it can still be done. If you would like to add a PDF rather than a png or jpg, you must upload it to a public site (such as Google Drive). Then in your Space, open the Object picker, select the desired  interactive object (e.g., projector screen or file), and select Embedded website. Copy the publicly shareable file link from Google Drive, altering the URL to end in "preview". For instance:

Original link: 
Embeddable link:

You can also copy any public URL of a PDF and paste that URL into the Embedded website field of the Object picker (e.g., you can upload a PDF to a website you host, then copy the URL, like "").

How do I embed a Miro Board?

To embed a Miro board into Gather, you will need to obtain the embeddable link for the board (which is different than the board's regular shareable link). Click Embed on the board Export menu like so: 

Only copy the website part of the code between the quotation marks after the src= 

Example stripped down link from embed code:

Once you have the link, simply paste it into the URL field of an embedded website object!

Click on Embedded Website to enter the link, do NOT click on Select or it will use the autogenerated link. Enter the stripped down link to your miro board into the website URL and then click Select to place your board.

For more detailed instructions on how to obtain your embeddable link, please visit Miro's article on Embedding Editable Boards into Websites

Why does this site show "Refused to connect"?

Occasionally, when you try to embed a website, you will see the message, "refused to connect," or something similar. This means that the website administrator for the site you are trying to embed does not allow the site to be embedded. This is a setting that the website administor can easily change; however, some sites block embedding due to their security or privacy policies.

You can test if a site allows embedding here: .

How do I reorder or delete an object in a stack?

This must be done inside of the Mapmaker and is not currently possible in Builder Mode while you are inside of a Space. 

You can rearrange and re-prioritize how the the objects are viewed  in any given tile by dragging and dropping the objects on the right side object list panel inside of the Mapmaker. The object you  have highlighted on the right panel is the currently selected object that you can drag and drop to rearrange the order of the objects on that square grid. 

Editing an Object Stack

Delete Object

To delete a single object, drag the object you would like to delete out of the stack of objects into a square that does not have other objects. Switch to Object Erase Mode and select the object again. 

Make sure you are in Object Eraser mode by having both the object icon and eraser icon highlighted in the upper left of your screen.

Where is my Cocreate whiteboard?

On October 1, 2021, Gather discontinued support for Cocreate whiteboards.

Cocreate whiteboards may be found in older Gather Spaces (created before April 2021).

If you have data stored on a Cocreate whiteboard that you don't want to lose, please save your whiteboard's contents as an .svg file using Cocreate's built-in tool.

A screenshot of a Cocreate whiteboard with a red arrow pointing to the download icon in the bottom right corner of the Cocreate canvas. Use the SVG Download icon in Cocreate to save your Cocreate board contents. 

After our support ends, interacting with a Cocreate whiteboard will result in an error message. You can erase these whiteboard objects from your Space like any other object. Placing new whiteboards in your spaces will create whiteboards powered by Eraser.

What is a Spawn Tile ID?

Custom Spawn tiles have particular IDs that allow you to generate links directly to those locations. Custom Spawn tiles can only be directly teleported to through their associated location link. All new guests to your Space will always arrive at your default, non-named Spawn tile locations unless they are given a specific Gather location link.

You can create custom Spawn tiles straight in the Mapmaker, or you can find the link to create a new one through the calendar if you have Build permissions in the Space.  The link to the custom Spawn Tile can be generated through your Space-wide calendar. The process is demonstrated in the gifs below. 

An animated image that shows the user moving through the process of creating a custom spawn tile using the calendar side panel, clicking "create new event," selecting, "Create at location," and clicking on "open Mapmaker to be taken to the Mapmaker. The term "bar" is then entered into the field labeled "Set custom spawn tile ID" on the right side panel and a spot next to the bar is clicked to set the tile named "bar."You can create custom Spawn locations through the calendar using the Mapmaker. 

An animated image that shows a user in the Events panel, opening an event, clicking Teleport, and appearing the custom spawn location.When a custom Spawn location is added to a new event, your participants can teleport directly to that location.

Note: For step-by-step instructions on creating custom Spawn locations, see the Spawn Tiles article. 

How do I move, realign, or expand my background?

Unfortunately, you cannot realign your background image.  The anchor and origin point of your background is in the upper left corner of your image. This means if you want to expand your existing Map, you can build out down and to the right. As long as your newly uploaded background covers the current image's areas, the impassible tiles placed should continue to exist rather than being erased, which happens when your background image does not cover the same area.