Mapmaker Troubleshooting

"An Error Has Occurred" Error

Sometimes when you have a lot of objects, tiles, or a very large custom Map, a generic "an error has occurred" or "request failed with status code 500" message displays. This error prevents you from adding too many objects that must load individually, which can put excess strain on participants' CPU and result in a poor experience for that participant.

If you run into this error, we recommend creating separate Rooms with smaller footprints to divide some of the objects into different Rooms. Another solution is to use third-party software like Tiled to create a custom background with objects built into the background (e.g., design a background image with trees, rather than adding individual tree objects to the Map). This will allow objects to load as a part of the background image, instead of individual objects within the Space.

How do I upload a PDF?

There is not a quick uploader for PDFs like there is for images, but it can still be done. If you would like to add a PDF rather than a png or jpg, you must upload it to a public site (such as Google Drive). Then in your Space, open the Object Picker, select the desired interactive object (e.g., projector screen or file), and select Embedded website. Copy the publicly shareable file link from Google Drive, altering the URL to end in "preview". For instance:

Original link: 
Embeddable link:

You can also copy any public URL of a PDF and paste that URL into the Embedded website field of the Object Picker (e.g., you can upload a PDF to a website you host, then copy the URL, like "").

How do I embed a Miro Board?

To embed a Miro board into Gather, you need the embeddable link for the board (which is different than the board's regular shareable link). In Miro, select Export, then select Embed

A Miro board of a grid of colorful post-it notes. The export menu is open and Embed is outlined in red in the menu.In Miro, select Export, then select Embed

Copy the URL from the embed code between the quotation marks after src=. 

The Embed board window, with the embed code outlined in red and the source URL highlighted in yellow.In the embed code, copy the URL that displays within quotation marks after src=

Once you have the link, paste it into the Website field of an embedded website object!

Note: For more detailed instructions on how to obtain your embeddable link, please visit Miro's article on Embedding Editable Boards into Websites

Why does this site show "Refused to connect"?

Occasionally, when you try to embed a website, you will see the message, "refused to connect," or something similar. This means that the website administrator for the site you are trying to embed does not allow the site to be embedded. This is a setting that the website administor can easily change; however, some sites block embedding due to their security or privacy policies.

You can test if a site allows embedding here:

How do I reorder or delete an object in a stack?

To change the order of objects on the same tile, or to pick a specific object to delete from a stack, open the Mapmaker. (You must be an Admin or Builder to open the Mapmaker.) 

With the Select tool active, click on the stack of objects/tile that you want to manage. In the right pane of the Mapmaker, the List of objects tab displays. Hover next to the name of the object and select the three dots to the right of the name. From this context menu, you can change the order of the object, delete it, or make a duplicate of it. 

A tile is selected that shows a teapot on top of a desk. In the right panel, the list of objects shows Zen Teaset, Desk with Drawers, Rug, and Impassable. The three dots are outlined in red and the context menu is open.From the Mapmaker, use the Select tool to click on the tile you wish to manage. Select the three dots to the right of the object name to manage the object.

Note: You can also rearrange the object stack by selecting the two-line reorder icon next to the object name and dragging the object to its desired order. 

Where is my Cocreate whiteboard?

Cocreate whiteboards may be found in older Gather Spaces (created before April 2021). On October 1, 2021, Gather discontinued support for Cocreate whiteboards.

If you have data stored on a Cocreate whiteboard that you don't want to lose, select SVG in Cocreate's toolbar to save your whiteboard's content. A blank cocreate board with the SVG icon outlined in red and the hover text that reads download/export selection or entire drawing as an svg file.Select SVG at the bottom of the toolbar to save your whiteboard.

After our support ends, interacting with a Cocreate whiteboard will result in an error message. You can erase these whiteboard objects from your Space like any other object. Place a new whiteboard in your Space to create whiteboards powered by Eraser.

How do I get a link to a specific Room in my Map?

You can create links to specific spots in your Gather Space using custom Spawn tiles. When you share the link to that custom Spawn tile, your Gather guest is teleported directly to that tile on the Map. Keep in mind all new guests to your Space will arrive at your default Spawn tile locations unless they are given a specific Gather location link.

You can create custom Spawn tiles straight in the Mapmaker, or you can create a new one through the calendar if you have Build permissions in the Space. The process of creating an event with a custom location is demonstrated in the video below. For step-by-step instructions on creating custom Spawn locations, see the Spawn Tiles article. 

Note: You can create custom Spawn links without having a calendar integrated in your Remote Work Space. Without a calendar integrated, you are just able to create and copy the custom location link. With a calendar integrated, you can create an event that displays in your in-Space calendar with a Teleport button to the custom location. 

Warning: If you're in an Event Space, you may need to replace the current session schedule feature by adding a Space-wide calendar. After you add an ical link in Space Settings > Space Preferences, you can use the calendar feature to access your custom Spawn links. You can remove the Space-wide calendar after retrieving your custom links, if needed.

How do I move, realign, or expand my background?

Unfortunately, you cannot realign your background image. The anchor and origin point of your background is in the upper left corner of your image. This means if you want to expand your existing Map, you can build out down and to the right. As long as your newly uploaded background covers the current image's areas, the impassible tiles placed should continue to exist rather than being erased, which happens when your background image does not cover the same area.

I just added objects, then they disappeared! What happened?

This is likely one of two things: 

  1. One person is using the Mapmaker, and another person is making changes in the Space (e.g., adds an object or adds/changes the Space password). When the person in the Mapmaker saves, any changes that were made in the Space are overridden (e.g., the newly added objects disappear or the Space password doesn't save).
  2. More than one person is using the Mapmaker. When one of them selects Save, the changes by the other person are overridden. 

Can't find the object you're looking for?

Could you swear you saw a black cat in the Object Picker and now can't find it? 

Tip: Perform a hard refresh in your browser to ensure you are up to date with the most recent objects in the Object Picker!

Want to view or download all Gather objects, walls, floors, etc? Our in-house tileset is publicly available on Github. Anyone can download these tilesheets and anyone can submit their own custom tilesheets to be included on our repository by submitting pull requests. These tilesheets are designed to import straight into and be used with a third-party map creation application called Tiled, but you can still use them if you are using any other photo editor. 

To access the files:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green [Code] button
  3. Select Download Zip to get the zip file

Tip: For those of you who are already Git-savvy, you'll find that you're allowed to clone/fork/contribute, etc.

And remember, we regularly add objects (almost every week!)—just check out the Newly Added category in the Object Picker. Have an object request? Visit and submit or upvote custom object requests.