Mapmaker Overview

Mapmaker is one of two tools you can use to edit your space.  The other is the Build Tool. 

How to Enter the Mapmaker for your Space

1. From inside your Space

To access mapmaker from within your space you can click the "Build" icon, that looks like a hammer, on the left hand side of the screen. From there you can select "Edit in Mapmaker" to open Mapmaker for that space.

2. From your Gather Homepage

While on your Gather Home page ( Gather.Town/app or from clicking "launch Gather" from our main website ) you can select the space on the left hand side and select "Edit map" at the bottom in the center. 

Mapmaker Tools Overview

Once you are in Mapmaker you will have a view similar to the image above. In the upper left hand corner you will see the different modes for editing the space. From left to right you will see "Move Canvas", "Select Mode", "Tile Mode", "Object Mode", and "Erase Mode".

Below that you will see the rooms within the space. If you right click the name of a room you will have the option to set that as your new default room, or delete the room. If you set the room as the default room all new participants will spawn there first. If you delete the room this option can not be undone. 

In the center you will see the save button, if you do not save your progress it will not reflect when you enter the space. Please keep in mind only one person should be editing the map using Mapmaker at a time. If someone saves while someone else is working on the map it will override the other person's progress.

In the upper right hand corner you will see the "Update Background", "Update Foreground", and "Share Map" buttons. This is where you can go to make changes to your background using the background painter. If you plan on uploading a foreground I would recommend using a third party program, such as Tiled, to ensure that the background and foreground line up properly as layers. 

Select Mode

When you choose "Select Mode" you will be able to select grid spaces and see the objects within that space listed on the right hand side. You can delete objects individually from that space by highlighting the object within that list and pressing "delete/backspace" on your keyboard. You can also arrange what objects can be seen on top of others by clicking and dragging the objects within that list. The objects on the top of the list will appear on top of the other objects within that grid space. 

Tile Mode

When you choose tile mode you will see this list on the left hand side. You will be able to select the type of tiles you want to place and click the grid spaces you would like to place them in. 

Object Mode

If you choose "Object Mode" you will be able to select which objects you would like to place within the space. If you click the "+" button you will be able to open the object picker and select from all of our objects. 

Eraser Mode

If you choose "Eraser Mode" you will also want to select the mode of the thing you are trying to erase. In the example above you will see I have "Eraser Mode" and "Object Mode" highlighted, so I will now be able to erase objects. If I wanted to erase tiles I would select "Eraser Mode" and "Tile mode" instead.