For all topics related to creating and editing your own spaces!


Descriptions, tips, and tricks for any "press x to interact" object


Tiles placed in our mapmaper to define private areas, spawn, portals to other locations, and impassible areas

Custom Maps (Under Construction)

Backgrounds, foregrounds, and general advice on using Tiled for Gather maps

Common Mapmaker Questions

Troubleshooting and FAQs relating to the Mapmaker and object creation!

Best Practices for Space Design

Tips and tricks to make the most of your Space for your Event


Mapmaker Overview
Mapmaker is one of two tools you can use to edit your space.  The other is the Build Tool.  How to Enter the Mapmaker for your Space 1. From inside your Space To access mapmaker from within your space you can click the "Build"...
Copying a Room or Space
Whether you want to duplicate an existing room you already have or you want to clone an entire space from someone else, you need to first make sure you  have the proper access permissions and then follow the steps below. Access Permissions To...