Managing Roles: Remote Work

A user's role for a Gather space controls what they can do in that space. This article outlines the available roles, the access each role has, how to configure that access, and how to manage users and their roles.

Roles in a Remote Work Space

Remote work spaces have four roles:

  • Admins
  • Mapmakers
  • Members
  • Guests

To review each role's privileges, see User Role Privileges.

Configure Roles

By default, roles have certain permissions. However, you can configure or customize access for the Member and Guest roles.

  • Member: You can control their access to the Build Tool. Toggling this off prevents them from placing new objects or deleting objects, but doesn't restrict their access to customize their claimed desk. 
  • Guest: You can control their access to the Build Tool and their ability to message the whole space through chat.

To configure user roles, open Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and select the Space tab. Then, select Role Configuration. Finally, select the role you wish to configure and toggle the permissions on or off.

Manage Members

Note: Only admins can manage members.

To add or edit a user and their role, navigate to Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and select the Space tab. Then, select Manage Members.

Troubleshooting unexpected behavior

IssueWhat to checkExplanation
My office members can place objects and use the Build Tool. Make sure you've toggled off Build Tool access to the Member role. By default, Members have access to the Build Tool, but you can disable this for all office members. Even with build tool disabled, Members will still be able to claim and customize their desks. 
Our admin left the company. How can we add a new one?Make sure you set a back up Admin for each space because only another Admin can add a new Admin. If you cannot gain access to the only Admin's account, you might need to create a new space. We recommend that each space has 2-3 backup admins because only Admins can add other Admins. Gather employees cannot add Admins manually.