Managing Roles: Remote Work

Remote work Spaces have four available roles: Admins, Moderators (this role is being deprecated), Builders, and Members. To review each role's privileges, see the User Role Privileges article. 

To add, edit, or remove user roles in your remote work Space, open Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and select the Space tab. Select User Roles in the Left Nav Menu of the Settings window. Please note:

  • An Admin can add and remove other Admins, as well as add or remove any other user role.
  • Mods are being deprecated from remote work Spaces; you can no longer grant this role to anyone. 
  • A Builder cannot add or remove any user role.
  • A Member can add, but not remove, other Members. 

Note: The Admin is the only user role that can assign other user roles in remote work Spaces. Admins can also head to the Space dashboard to manage user roles.

Invite Members

A person must first be a Member to assign them a role. If the user is not yet a Member, select Add people in the User Roles section of Space Settings (or select Invite people from the Home menu).

A view of the Space Settings modal with User Roles active. Next to Add Members, the Add people button is outlined in red.  From Space Settings, select User Roles. To add a Member, select Add people.

The invite modal displays. Enter the user's email address. To add more than one person at a time, just press enter or add a comma after each email. When you're finished entering emails, select Send Invite.

A view of the invite modal in a remote work space. The Members tab is open, and two emails have been entered in the Email field. An x displays next to both email addresses, indicating you can remove the email. Beneath the email field is a Send Invite button. To give someone a user role in a Remote Work Space, they must first be a Member. You can add Members by sending them an email invite.

When the person has accepted their Member invite and signed into the Space, they will display in the Space Members list. 

Add User Role(s)

To find the person to add a user role, you can use the Filter to narrow by user role, enter their name or email in the Search bar, or scroll through the Members list.

Note: You cannot grant someone a user role until they have received their Member invite and logged in successfully.

Once you have found the person you'd like to manage, select the three dots next to the right of their name. Then select Edit roles.

To add a role, select the three dots next to the Member's name, then select Edit roles.

A list of available roles displays. Select the role(s) you'd like the Member to have. 

A view of the Space Settings modal with the User Roles section active. Across from the name Jean is a Builder tag. To the right of the Builder tag is three dots. The menu from the three dots shows the Admin and Builder roles. The Builder role is selected. An Apply button displays beneath the two roles.To add a roles, in the User Roles section of Space Settings, select the three dots next to a person's name, then select Edit roles. Check any roles you wish the Member to have. Note that in remote work Spaces, you cannot give anyone the Mod role.

Remove Roles or Members

Only an Admin can remove a role or Member. To remove a role, select the three dots next to the person's name. Select Edit roles. Remove the checkmark as desired, then select Apply. To remove a Member entirely, select the three dots next to the person's name and select Remove Member.