Magic Link Troubleshooting

A magic link is a time-sensitive single use token emailed to your inbox which creates a relationship between the browser or desktop app in which the link is opened and your email address. 

After you click a magic link, you will be brought to a page where you can choose to log in via desktop app or via browser. 

After you are logged in, go back to your space via either the space link or user dashboard to re-enter as a logged in user.

Issues Receiving Magic Links

If you have requested a magic link and not received it, check your spam folder. Magic Links expire about five minutes after creation, so if it was sent a while ago, unblock the sending email address ( and request a new one by attempting to sign in at .

If you still cannot receive a link, and you are using Gather for work or school, contact your institution's IT help desk. Some institutional spam filters are over-zealous, and have been known to block Gather login emails. 

If all else fails, contact us.

Where Magic Links are Sent From

All magic links originate from .

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