Locate on Map

The Locate on Map feature creates a dynamic line connecting you to the person you're trying to find in the Gather Space. 

Tip: If you want to find someone on the Map without moving, select Follow from the Participants list. You will be automatically moved to find the person in the Space. Just press an arrow key on your keyboard to stop following them once you've found them!

Open the Participants panel and search for the person you wish to locate. Select their name, and on their info card, select Locate on map. (You can also open this info card by clicking on a person's name in their video preview.)

Riley's name is selected in the Participants list, and his info card is open. Locate on Map and Follow are outlined in red on the info card.From the Participants panel, select the person's name, and from their info card, select Locate on map.

You can also right click on a person's character and select Move here, which will take you to them without activating the Follow feature.

Note: If the person is in another Room in the Space, the dynamic line will take you to the Room, even if you access the Room via a portal. However, if the person you're trying to locate is beyond a password door, you will need the password to unlock the door and get to them.