How to find link to invite/share

You can invite people to your Space in three ways: copy and paste the URL, create and a copy a unique link, or email a link through Gather.

  1. Copy and paste the URL of your Space: Bim, bam, done!
    • ✔ It's easy! 
    • ✖  The link won't expire and anyone can pass it on.
  2. Invite with a unique link: Click the Gather icon, select Invite People, select an expiration for the link, and click Copy Invite Link.
    • ✔ You control how long the link is active!
    • ✔ You decide how to send the link (e.g., via email, messenger, hyperlink in another file, etc.)
    • ✖  You have to manually distribute the link.
  3. Invite via email: Click the Gather icon, select Invite People, select an expiration for the link, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, and click Send Invite.
    • ✔ You control how long the link is active!
    • ✔ You don't have to go to another platform to send it. 
    • ✖  You can only email one person at a time. (Coming soon: multiple email entry!)

A screenshot of the Office Complex, with a red rectangle around the Gather icon in the top left of the space. A red arrow points from the icon to a red rectangle outlining the Invite window. The invite window has a drop-down field to select how long the link will be active, and a field to enter the email address to send an invite directly.To invite others, select the Gather icon, click Invite people, then select the link expiration and whether to email an invite or copy the link.

Disable Invite

If you want to remove the Invite people option, open Settings. The Space tab is active by default, and Space Preferences displays. Toggle on Disable invite button

You can hide the Invite people option by opening Settings. Under Space Preferences, toggle on Disable invite button.

For more about limiting who can access your Space, see Space Access Restrictions

Note: You are welcome to share the link to you Space in advance if you'd like. Your Space will always be hosted on a Free server outside of the paid premium reservation time, so up to 25 users can enter for free! If more than 25 users enter before your event, the server connection will degrade and some users may not be able to enter until the event begins and your Space capacity increases. However, you will not be charged if more than 25 people try to access your Space before your reservation begins. 

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