Interact With Other Users

An overview of all the ways in which you can interact with other users in Gather


Users can send and view messages using Chat in the Left Nav Menu. Here, you can view past messages, as well as send messages of your own.

Click Chat in the Left Nav Menu to send text messages to everyone, those nearby, or to someone specific. 

There, you can send messages to three different kinds of recipients, which you can toggle using the options located in the drop box at the bottom of the Chat Panel. 

These options allow you to send a message to:

  1. Everyone - Your message will appear in the chat panel for every user in the space. 
  2. Nearby - Your message will appear in the chat panel for every user that you are currently video chatting with. This could be whoever is standing within your interaction distance, or whoever you are in a private space with. 
  3. Individuals - The remaining options will display the names of other users in the room. You can scroll through this to select a user to send a private message to. You can also click on a users name in the chat history to make them the recipient of your next message.

Image caption

You can also click on a person's name in the chat panel to automatically start private messaging them. 

Note that you can only send private messages to users that are currently online and in the Space with you.

Manage Notifications

When you receive a chat, you also receive a sound notification. To turn off sound notifications, open the Chat panel from the Left Nav Menu, then click on the Settings icon in the Chat panel. You can then toggle the Notifications on or off.


The Follow Feature allows someone to easily follow another person without having to move their own character around a space. When you are in follow mode, you automatically follow the person you chose to follow. To exit follow mode, press any arrow key to move away from the other person.

To activate follow mode, click on the person's name in the  Participants List and select 'follow.'

You can follow someone by clicking on their name in the participant's panel and selecting the "follow" option.

Alternatively, you can click on their name inside of their video conversation to open the same module. You can click on a person's name inside of their video to open up their User Menu.

To stop following someone, press any arrow key on your keyboard. 

Locate on Map

Article coming soon!


The Ring Feature is available when a user in the space is muted. 

The Ring Feature's main function is to call the user's attention back to the Gather tab. When clicked, there will be a short audio ring played to grab their attention. 

Ring Feature on a User that is double muted

Ring Feature on a User that is only muted one-way.


You can easily respond to the current situation and let others know how you are feeling by using emotes (aka emojis, emoticons, etc.). Just select Emotes (smiley face icon) in the Bottom Bar. A bar with 6 emojis displays, with a Clear and Edit button. You can select the emote you wish to send, or use the 1-6 keys to quickly send an emote at any time. 

In your Bottom Bar, select Emotes (smiley face icon) to view available emojis and their shortcut keys.

Note: Emotes show above your head and in your video preview for 3 seconds, except for the raised hand, which stays raised until your press 6 or Clear.

All emotes will show above your avatar for 3 seconds before fading, except for 6 (raised hand), which will stay raised until you press 6 again or select Clear in the Emote bar. While your hand is raised, your name will move up to the top of the Participants list.

Edit Default Emotes

By default, use the 1-6 keys for the following emotes:

  • (1) - Wave
  • (2) - Heart
  • (3) - Party popper
  • (4) - Thumbs up
  • (5) - Question mark
  • (6) - Raised hand

However, you can customize your emojis for keys 1-5! Select Emotes (smiley face icon) in the Bottom Bar, then select Edit. The Customize emotes window opens. Select the number you wish to edit, then choose your desired emoji.

Note: You can only change 1-5; 6 will always be a raised hand.

The Customize emotes window in Windows. 1-5 currently show the default emotes, and available Smileys & People from Windows display for selection.To customize your Emotes, select Edit from the Emotes bar, then choose your new Emotes! You can change shortcuts for 1-5. 

Note: The graphics for the Emotes will vary depending on your operating system. 

The Customize emotes window with custom emojis from the Mac emoji options.You can pick any emoji from your operating system's emoji browser. At this time, you cannot upload your own custom emojis.


A bubble is a temporary conversation between you and another person. Need to get a word in, but don't wanna disturb the flow or the larger meeting going on? Break out into a bubble. Bubbles are great for a speedy whisper with your neighbor without talking over the current group conversation. 

How to Start or Join a Bubble

  • Right clicking or double clicking on another avatar in the space to open the Context Menu. Then click Start Bubble!

A gif demonstrating how to start a bubble. Two users stand in a room. The first user clicks on the second user and selects 'Start Bubble', and then the first user's avatar automatically walks over and enters into a semi-private conversation.

  • People outside your bubble will still be able to hear you, albeit very softly (and with transparent video). People can join and leave bubbles freely, even across private spaces. 

When bubbled, you can control the volume of conversation outside your bubble. 

Host multiple bubbles as well!

Warning: Screen sharing in a bubble will broadcast your screen to everyone who could see you in a normal conversation. 

How to Leave a Bubble

Two methods to leave a bubble: 

  1. Move your avatar away by using the arrow keys or WASD keys
  2. Click the Leave Bubble button 

Leave Bubble button 


You can invite people to your Space in three ways: copy and paste the URL, create and a copy a unique link, or email a link through Gather.

  1. Copy and paste the URL of your Space: Bim, bam, done!
    • ✔ It's easy! 
    • ✖  The link won't expire and anyone can pass it on.
  2. Invite with a unique link: Click the Home icon, select Invite People, select an expiration for the link, and click Copy Invite Link.
    • ✔ You control how long the link is active!
    • ✔ You decide how to send the link (e.g., via email, messenger, hyperlink in another file, etc.)
    • ✖  You have to manually distribute the link.
  3. Invite via email: Click the Home icon, select Invite People, select an expiration for the link, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, and click Send Invite.
    • ✔ You control how long the link is active!
    • ✔ You don't have to go to another platform to send it. 
    • ✖  You can only email one person at a time. (Coming soon: multiple email entry!)

Tip: You can also select Invite in the Participants panel to open the invite modal! 

A screenshot of the invite modal. The Invite modal has a drop-down field to select how long the link will be active, and a field to enter the email address to send an invite directly.To invite others, select the Home icon, click Invite people, then select the link expiration and whether to email an invite or copy the link.

Member v. Guest

In remote work Spaces, you can invite people to your Space as Members or Guests. 

A screenshot of the invite modal for remote work spaces, which has two tabs: Members and Guests. In the Members tab, which shows, a field allows you to enter emails and a button reading Copy Link allows you to copy the link to the Space.To invite someone to a remote work Space, you must choose whether they will be a Member or a Guest. 

Note: Only remote work Spaces distinguish between Members and Guests.


  • You can send an invite to a Member via email or by copying the link to your Space. 
  • The email invitation and the invitation link for Members expire automatically after 30 days.
  • A Member must have a Gather account.


  • You can copy a link to invite Guests to the remote work Space. 
  • A Guest does not have to have a Gather account.
  • The link for a Guest has an expiration date.
  • The Guest can still visit the Space after the invitation link has expired if they have the URL to the Space. 
  • If you want to prevent a Guest from accessing the Space after you have invited them, you must block or ban them.

Disable Invite

If you want to remove the Invite people option, open Settings. The Space tab is active by default, and Space Preferences displays. Toggle on Disable invite button

Note: Admins and Moderators will still be able to invite people and both roles have access to the Disable Invite feature. All other roles will not be able to invite people.

A screenshot of a game room template, with the Space Settings modal open. The Disable invite button option is outlined in red.You can hide the Invite people option by opening Settings. Under Space Preferences, toggle on Disable invite button.

Users in the Space (who are not Admins or Moderators) will not be able to send an email invite. 

Warning: Keep in mind users can still copy and share the URL; for more info about limiting who can access your Space, see Space Access Restrictions.)

When the Admin has disabled the Invite feature, the Invite button is disabled and it does not display in the Home menu.

Note: You are welcome to share the link to you Space in advance if you'd like. Your Space will always be hosted on a Free server outside of the paid premium reservation time, so up to 25 users can enter for free! If more than 25 users enter before your event, the server connection will degrade and some users may not be able to enter until the event begins and your Space capacity increases. However, you will not be charged if more than 25 people try to access your Space before your reservation begins. 

Block, Kick, & Ban

Among Gather's core values are being open, honest, and constructive, as well as being warm-hearted. We want people in our Spaces to feel safe, respected, and accepted. There are times when Space Owners/Admins may need moderation tools, particularly if you want to give the people in your Space agency over who they interact with. For those situations, we have the following three options: blocking, kicking, and banning. 

There are also just times when audio and video can be overwhelming or distracting, and there's an easy way to mute a person's audio or turn off their video!


To turn off another person's audio or video feed, just hover over their video feed and select the microphone or camera icon. Keep in mind this just stops their feed to you, not to anyone else. 

A view of the game Space in Gather. Riley is standing in front of Baba O, who's sitting on a couch. At the top center of the window, Baba O's video feed show the mic icon with a line through it. The camera is not turned off, so you see a person in the video feed. A red outline is drawn around the video feed with text pointing to the icons reading Turn off audio and Turn off video.Select the mic or camera icon in the video feed if you want to stop connecting to someone's audio or video feed.


Anyone in the Space can use the blocking  feature. Blocking someone will stop all audio/video connections between you and that person. It will not block that person from interacting with anyone else in the Space. You will still see the avatar of the person you've blocked; you just will not connect with each other's audio or video feed. The person will not be notified that they have been blocked, and they will still be able to see and hear you.

Warning: At this time, blocking a person does not prevent them from messaging you via Chat or from following you or starting a bubble.

To block a person, select the three dots on their video feed, then select Block. You can also select a person's name on the Participants list, and in the info menu on that person, select the three dots in the top right corner, then select Block.

To block someone, select their name in the Participants list, and in their info card, select the three dots, then Block. (Additional options display if you are the Admin/Owner of the Space.)


To unblock a person, select Unblock on their video feed. You can also select their name from the Participants list, and from the three dots on their info card, select Unblock.

To unblock someone, select Unblock on their video feed or from their info card in the Participants list.


Space Admins/Owners and Moderators can kick someone out of the Space. Kicking someone will remove them from the Space and send them to the Check Your Hair screen. This feature is primarily used for removing inactive guests from a Space. 

To kick someone, select the person's name on the Participants list, and in the info menu on that person, select the three dots in the top right corner, then select Kick from Space.

To remove someone from the Space, select Kick from space from their info card in the Participants list. (Only available for Mods and Admins/Owners)


Space Admins/Owners and Moderators can ban someone from their Space. This blocks the user from fully joining the Space: they will only see a black screen and will not be able to see or hear anyone. Bans are by the user's IP address.

To ban someone, select the person's name on the Participants list, and in the info menu on that person, select the three dots in the top right corner, then select Ban from Space.

To ban someone, select Ban from Space from their info card in the Participants list. (Only available for Mods and Admins/Owners) You will then be prompted to confirm the ban. Select Ban User.

To confirm removing the person from the Space, select Ban User.

Warning: If the person you are banning is on the same IP address as yourself, you will be banning yourself. 

A banned user's view of the Space.


Only Space Admins/Owners can unban someone. To unban a user (which will unban the entire IP address), open your Space Dashboard and select the trashcan icon next to their IP address and character name. You can also unban all.

To remove someone's ban, the Admin/Owner must go to the Space Dashboard, and from Banned Users, select the trashcan.

Note: If you accidentally ban yourself or someone else, reach out to the Admin/Owner of the Space. If you are the Admin/Owner, you can unban yourself from the Dashboard.