Increase Space Capacity

You can increase your Space capacity before or during an event or before a subscription begins. You can manage your reservations by opening your Space dashboard

Increase Capacity in 2-Hr and Per Day Reservations

In Reservations, click the Active & Upcoming tab to find the reservation you wish to edit. Click Manage on the reservation to be modified, then click Edit Reservation Details.

Enter the new number for Space capacity. The dynamic cost calculator will display the new calculation with the additional amount you owe. Click Next

A view of the Space dashboard for Reservations. The Edit Reservations pop-up is outlined in red and a red arrow points to text that reads After clicking Edit Reservation Details, enter your updated Space capacity. You will see the additional amount you will be charged. Click Next.

Enter your payment information and billing address. Click Continue

A view of the Space dashboard for Reservations. The Payment Information pop-up is outlined in red.Enter your payment information and billing address, then click Continue.

Review and accept the terms and click Pay $xx USD. 

A view of the Space dashboard for Reservations. The Accept & Finish Payment pop-up is outlined in red.Review and accept the terms and click Pay $xx USD to complete your updated reservation.

You will see a success message and see the updated details in your Active & Upcoming reservations.

Note: It will take roughly 15 minutes for the change to work its way through our system and reallocate resources to increase your event's capacity.  

Increase Capacity in Monthly Subscriptions

At this time, increasing the capacity and editing a monthly subscription is not possible. You will need to cancel your current reservation and create a new monthly subscription for the increased user count. 

  • Please note that after canceling your subscription reservation, your Space will still be on the Premium servers for the remainder of your billing cycle. 

Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.