How to use Emotes

You can easily respond to the current situation and let others know how you are feeling by using emotes!

A room of people using several different emotes at the end of a meeting.You can access emotes by clicking on the Emotes Icon on the far right side of your Control Panel and selecting the emote you wish to display. You can also quickly and easily switch between emotes by using the associated numbered hotkeys!

Emotes in Emote Menu

Note: The graphic for the Emotes will vary depending on your operating system

When using the keyboard shortcuts for your emotes, you will see a preview for the one you selected before it is displayed above your avatar's head. This is to help make sure you have the right one keyed up before it appears above your avatar!
An animated preview of what it looks like when you use the number hotkeys to activate your emotes.

Note: The raised hand (#6) will stay raised until you clear it. All other emotes will disappear after 3 seconds.

Raised Hand

To raise your hand, you can either select it from the Emotes Menu or press the number 6 on your keyboard. While your hand is raised, your name will move up to the top of the Participants list. For the raise hand emote, you have to press the number 6  again for the emote to disappear. Alternatively, you can click on the raised hand emote in the emote menu or the clear all button to lower your hand

When you raise your hand, a hand  will appear next to your name and bring you to the top of Participants list. 

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