Helping Low Vision and Blind Users

Use Custom Spawn Locations in Private Areas

We are working to improve the screenreader experience in Gather. One option to assist a blind or low-vision guest, or someone who doesn't care for the 2-D map experience, is to create a Custom Spawn Location. When you give the guest the link to the Spawn location, they will be teleported directly into a specific spot in an event Space (e.g., a couch or seating area). This provides the guest an opportunity to be in the Space and hear the audio of the speaker. If you have an event with multiple speakers or rooms, you can create a Custom Spawn Location that corresponds to each event time or area.

Keep in mind that if you have multiple guests who want to use this feature, you may want to create separate Custom Spawn Locations for each guest. You could also make each spawn location a Private tile or a Private Area so that the guest only hears the spotlighted speaker or the people in the Private Area with them.