Activation Distance

The distance in tiles at which you can interact with an interactable object. Inside this radius, objects can be interacted with with the 'x' key. Includes diagonals.


Bottom Action Bar

Command Bar

The horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen. It allows you to manage the following settings: change your avatar or your status; access User/Video Preferences, turn on Quiet Mode, Respawn, or Sign out; view the Minimap; Screenshare; or send an Emote.
A view of a Space, with a red arrow pointing to the horizontal menu that displays at the bottom of the screen.

Build Mode

Allows you to manage objects while you are in your Space. To open, click Build (the hammer icon) in the Left Nav Menu of your Space.


A user role that can be granted to collaborators who are allowed to modify the maps of the Space. If you created the Space, you have access to all roles and their permissions.




The digital character you choose to represent you in a Space.

Custom Spawn Location

Custom Spawn Tile

A custom-named Spawn tile (or tiles) you choose for first-time guests to appear in a Space. This Custom Spawn Location translates to a URL, which is generated when you create a new event through the Gather Calendar tool. (Hint: The Custom Spawn URL will have "Spawntoken" in the path.)


Decorative Object

An image or asset uploaded or selected from default objects that is purely decorative and cannot be directly interacted with. Examples include tables and chairs.

Default Spawn Location

Default Spawn Tile

The tile(s) that first-time guests appear on when spawning into a Space. When a guest leaves the Space and re-enters it, they will respawn onto the tile they were on prior to leaving.



The six icons for basic gestures. Click the smiley icon in the Bottom Command Bar to view all options. You can use the Bottom Command Bar or press the 1-6 keys to make the following icons display above your character's head: 1 = hand wave, 2 = heart, 3 = party popper, 4 = thumbs up, 5 = question mark, and 6 = raised hand. Emotes will disappear after 3 seconds, with the exception of the raised hand. Click Clear or type 6 again to remove the raised hand.


Gather Menu

Gather Icon

The Gather grapes icon in the upper left corner of the your window. From the Gather Menu, you can generate links to invite people to your space, open the Help Center, send feedback, report an issue, or open Gather in the desktop app. If you are signed in, you can also upgrade your plan/access your dashboard and access Admin Controls, depending on your user role.

Grid View

Grid Mode

Expands the participant video carousel at the top of your Space so you can see up to 9 participants' videos or shared screens at a time. The videos display based on who connected to the conversation first and who is actively speaking. Click a video/screenshare to see a larger view of the content or person.


Interactive Object

An object that contains some form or interactive functionality. Types include: posters, embedded videos, embedded documents/websites, embedded external call links, and note objects


Left Nav Menu

When in your Space, it provides access to the Gather menu (grapes icon) and to tools within the app, including Beta Feedback, Settings, Notifications, Build, Calendar, Chat, and Participants. When in the Mapmaker, the Left Nav Menu provides access to a hamburger menu of further features (Go to Space, Manage Space, Guides and Tutorials, Background & Foreground, and Extension Settings), as well as Select Mode, Stamp Mode, Erase Mode, Navigation Mode, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Undo, and Redo.



Allows you to manage objects, tile effects, and walls and floors, as well as create new rooms within your Space. To open the Mapmaker, click Build (the hammer icon) in the Left Nav Menu, then select Edit in Mapmaker. Mapmaker opens in a new tab in most browsers. You know you are in the Mapmaker if you see a tile grid overlaying your Space and a white margin around your Space's walls.

Message Panel

Messaging Panel, Chat Panel

The Messaging Panel can be found in the bottom left corner of your screen above the Participants List

Displays chat with individual participants, those Nearby, or Everyone. Open by clicking Chat (the chat bubble icon) in the Left Nav Menu.


Object Active End Time

This field sets the time when the object disappears from the map.

Object Active Start Time

This field sets the time when the object appears on the map.


Participants Panel

Participants List

Participants List can be found in the bottom left corner of your screen

Displays all guests in your Space. Opens by clicking the Participants icon in the Left Nav Menu.

Primary Room

The Primary Room of a Space is the first room new guests will appear in. Additionally, it is the room you will reset to when you select the "respawn" option.

Private Area

A space with Private Tiles that allows participants to only see and hear other people who are in the space with them.

Private Tile

A tile with an Area ID that creates a private area. Each private area must have a unique Area ID. Any Private Tiles that share that Area ID allow you to see and hear only other people who are in Private Tiles with the same ID. Frequently desks or tables are set up with Private Tiles. See also Private Area.



An individual map with its own background within a Space.



Settings Menu

Provides access to User and Space settings, such as Smart Zoom, Auto Idle Muting, Sign Out, and more. Open by clicking Settings (cog icon) in the Left Nav Menu, or by clicking your name in the Bottom Action Bar.


A self-contained virtualized world created on Gather. Has an associated URL. Can contain one or more rooms.

Space Capacity

User Capacity

The maximum number of concurrent users in your Space at a given time. For a paid event reservation or ongoing subscription, estimate how many people will be joining the event or visiting the Space at the same time. You can always increase your Space Capacity from Gather Admin.

Space dashboard

Make reservations and moderate your Space. Open by clicking the Gather menu (grapes icon) in the Left Nav Menu. Previously referred to as "Premium Dashboard."

Spawn Tile

A specified location within a Space for a participant to appear. First-time guests spawn to the tile you specify, but returning guests respawn to the tile they were on prior to leaving.

Spotlight tile

Broadcast your audio, video, or screen to everyone in the current room.



users, participants, guests, visitors

Users include hosts, guests, visitors, and anyone who is currently online inside of your Gather Space.

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