Gather UI Tour

Below, find an exploded view of the Gather UI and its labeled parts. 

Gather Icon - Where many support-related links can be found.

Grid Mode - Where the videos of other participants are placed in a grid rather than in a carousel at the top of your screen. (Note: Grid mode only supports 9 videos at a time. If you are in conversation with more than 9 people, you will need to click the arrows to see the next page of videos).

Settings - Where you can change various options .

Builder Mode - Where you can add or remove objects from the map (if you have the appropriate permissions).

Chat or Message Panel - Where you can see messages sent or received from other participants.

Participants List - Where you can see the list of online participants as well as their status messages. If you are in a remote office, the Participants list will be split into Members, Guests, and Offline Members. A member is a user logged into the Space with their Gather account who has been set as a moderator, builder, or owner in that Space. 

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