Gather Mobile

While the Gather mobile experience is still a work in progress, we're excited that you can now use Gather on your smartphone or tablet! The following article provides basic information on how to use Gather on a smart device. 

Notes: Your experience may vary slightly based on your device's operating system and browser. Right now, we do not support Chrome on iPhones. 

When you visit a Gather Space on mobile, a warning displays that functionality on mobile is limited. Select I understand and wish to proceed. (If you'd prefer to visit the Space on your desktop, enter your email address and select Submit. You'll receive an email with a link to the Space.)

A warning page displays when you first attempt to enter Gather on a mobile device. Tap the I understand and wish to proceed button if you want to enter a Gather Space.Select "I understand and wish to proceed" to enter the Gather Space.

If you are not signed in, the character picker displays. Make any changes to customize your character. When you're finished, select Next Step. (You can always change your character once you're in the Space.)

An avatar with an asymmetrical purple hair cut wearing glasses, a black shirt, and jeans displays. The Glasses menu is active, and one of the glasses options is selected. When entering a Space for the first time, design the character that will represent you in the Space. Next, enter the name you'd like to display for you in the Space. Select Finish.

The Name your character window displays, with the name field showing Joy. Enter your name and select Finish. If you have not visited Gather on your phone before, you are prompted to grant permission to Gather to access your microphone and camera. Select Allow

A pop-up message reads would like to access the microphone and camera, with Cancel and Allow options.You may need to grant permission for Gather to use your mic and camera. You can now see the Check Your Hair screen, which shows a preview of your video. The dynamic green audio level indicator lets you test your mic. You can change the Video or Audio options by selecting the drop-downs.

A white woman with pink hair and glasses is smiling at the camera in the video preview. The Video field displays Front Camera, and the Audio field displays iPhone microphone.Select your camera input and audio output. You can preview your video and check your hair!  If you want to turn off your video or mute your mic prior to entering the Space, tap the mic or camera icons beneath the video preview. (You can also turn your mic and camera on and off from within the Space.)

The check your hair screen for Gather with the video preview reading Muted camera off. The mic and camera icons are red with slashes through them. A Join the Gathering button displays. To turn off your mic or camera prior to entering a Space, tap the mic or camera icons beneath the video preview.  When you're happy with your audio and video, select Join the Gathering. The Space loads, and if this is your first time, instructions display to show that you can hold and drag or double tap to move. 

An overlay of the Space shows a pointing hand with Hold and drag to move or double tap to move.If it's your first time to use Gather on your phone, you'll see instruction on how to move. Double tap or hold and drag to move. You can now move around the Space. 

Tap the mic and camera icons at the bottom of the screen to turn your audio and video on or off. (Remember, you may need to grant permission for Gather to use your mic or camera.)

Interacting with Others

When you approach someone, their video preview will show at the top of the screen. Tap the camera icon beneath their video preview to turn your view of their video feed on or off. 

A red box is outlined the camera icon that displays beneath the Riley's vide preview.Tap the camera icon to turn someone's incoming video on or off for you. 

You can also see someone's shared screen. Tap the preview to enlarge the shared screen (or enlarge the video preview). To reduce the size of a shared screen (or the size of a video preview), tap the arrows in the top right corner.

A shared screen preview shows at the top of the phone, with a red box around the collapsing arrow icon.Tap the collapsing arrow in the top right corner of the video or screen preview to reduce the size.

If someone sends you a chat message, you will see a notification on the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen. 

A red outline and arrow pointing to the chat icon, which has a notification bubble reading Tap the chat icon to view the chat panel and read or send messages. Tap the chat icon to view messages. Use the Message field to send chat messages. Collapse the chat by tapping the "x" in the top right corner.

Two chat messages display in the full-screen chat window. One reads Sam to nearby, anybody want to play poker? and another message reads Riley to nearby You can view and send messages from your phone! Tap the "x" to collapse the chat panel.

You can also view the list of people in the Space by selecting the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen, then selecting the Participants tab.

The Participants tab is active, and Sam, Joy, and Riley display as online.You can view people currently online and in the Space by selecting the Chat icon, then tapping on the Participants tab.

Select a person's name from Participants to open their info card. From the info card, you can send a message, locate the person on the Map, follow them in the Space, or block them so they cannot interact with you. 

Joy's info card displays, with a button to Send message and links to Locate on map, Follow, and Block.Tap a person's name to view their info card, where you can send them a message, locate them, follow them, or block them.

Interactive Objects

If you encounter an interactive object, a tooltip displays. Most tooltips read "Press "x" to interact, though some may have custom messages. An "x" icon displays at the bottom right of your screen when you're within the object's activation distance. Tap the "x" to view the interaction.

The Joy avatar is standing next to a glowing yellow guitar. A tooltip message reads Press x to interact. In the bottom right corner of the screen, an To view an interactive object, select the "x" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Warning: Currently you cannot play videos that are embedded in interactive objects. 


Tap the Settings icon at the bottom left the screen (displays at the corner of your character or video preview) to view your settings. 

A box outlines the joy avatar image in the bottom left of the screen, and a red arrow points to a small cog icon at the corner of the avatar image.Tap the Settings icon at the bottom left of the screen to view the Settings menu.

You can manage the following settings:

  • Edit: Change your character or your display name.
  • Quiet mode: Limits your audio and video connections. (This feature is not available in remote work Spaces.)
  • Back to Home: Takes you to
  • Change A/V input: Change your input for mic and camera.
  • Report an issue: Send a bug report.
  • Respawn: Return to the default Spawn location for the Space.
  • Sign In/Sign Out: Log in or out of your Gather account.

The settings menu, which shows your character name, your email if you are signed in, an Edit button to change your character, a toggle for Quiet mode, and links for Back to Home, Change a/v input, a toggle for chat sounds, a link to report an issue, a link to respawn, and a sign out link.Available mobile settings.