Gather Meetings Extension

Gather offers an individual work calendar integration so that you can create, share and get to meetings from within the Gather Space. This article will cover how to add a work calendar, how to install and configure the Gather Meetings extension, and how to add a meeting place to a work event. 

Note: Gather Meetings Extension currently only works with Google Calendar on Chrome, and only in Remote Work spaces.

Add Your Calendar

Click on the Calendar icon in the toolbar. Sign in with the Google account your work calendar is attached to.

The Space Settings modal open to Space Preferences. The first feature that displays is Space-wide Calendar with a field to paste your iCal link and a Save button.From the Space tab in Settings, under Space Preferences, enter your public iCal link under Space-wide Calendar.

Refresh your Gather Space and select Calendar in the toolbar to view your calendar. 

Add the Extension

Open a new browser tab, and search for Gather Meetings on the Chrome extension store. You may also see a banner in the Calendar panel that will take you there. 

Once you're there, click Add to Chrome

Riley standing in the center of decorated desks. The Events pane is open and the calendar icon is outlined in red in the toolbar. In the events pane, a past Clients Team Meeting shows, as well as an upcoming All-Hands meeting. The Events pane also shows buttons to Sign in with Google or to create new event.Select Calendar in the toolbar to view the Space-wide calendar. 

 Using the tab that opens after installation, set up the extension by choosing the space you wish to book meetings in.

Select the Space you wish to book your meetings in to finish setting up the extension.

Then you can start booking meetings!

Creating and Modifying Meeting Links

Your regular Google Calendar event form will now have a button to add a Gather meeting link. 

Meeting links will compare the number of guests in your meeting to the Private Areas in your Space with a listed maximum occupancy, and automatically select an empty Private Area of the appropriate size to hold your meeting in. 

More information on Private Areas can be found on the Tile Effects page

To learn how to create a link that will send users directly to a specific Spawn Tile in your Space, check out the Spawn Tiles page.

Note: If there are private areas in your Space that you do not wish other users to book meetings in, leave the maximum occupancy field for them blank in the Mapmaker. 

External Guests

When you have invited an external guest to a meeting in your office they will only be allowed to access the meeting location once an internal member of your office is at the meeting location first. The guest will see a message on the screen when they attempt to enter stating, "No one is here yet". When an internal member joins the meeting location the guest will then see an option to "Request to Join".

External Guests will see this message when they are attempting to join a meeting before the internal members are ready.

If the private area where the meeting is held is locked, the external guest can only join once an internal person approves their request to join.