Gather Experiences

Experiences Overview

Gather is the perfect platform for playing games and organizing socials—from a 2-minute go kart race during the work day to an evening of trivia in a virtual pub. To help you plan socials and introduce folks to Gather, we've developed Experience templates that are practically plug-and-play! 

This section of our help center provides tips and tricks for successfully your next Gather social. Each article includes any prep work, additional resources, or bonus tips you might need to make your event a hit!


For the majority of our games, our templates support about 25 participants. This makes them perfect for use in your free Gather Space! 

Tip: See a template or idea you love but want to execute it on a larger scale? Just a create a custom Space that's big enough to meet your needs! Remember, it's always free to design Spaces—you don't have to pay until you're ready to host your event!


Our articles all come with details on any prep work you might need to do for your activity. However, the very first step to getting your game on is to grab one of our activity templates, available in the Experience section of our Template Picker ( You then have two options: 

  1. Make a New Space!  Just pick a template, give it a name, decide if it needs a password, and pick your purpose. (Don't worry; you can do this in a matter of minutes, or even seconds!)  OR
  2. Add a New Room! Head to your Space, open the Mapmaker, and add a new Room

Bonus Tips

Look at the suggested Bonus Tips in our articles to make the most of your experience. 

Integrated Games

Our team has incorporated several pre-set games in our Object Picker. These games are set up so that you can join private games within your Gather space, so you can play while also video chatting with friends! You can add any of these games into your pre-existing Space, or you can use a Game Room template to create a Space full of games! 

Add a Game to Your Space

To quickly and easily add a game in your Space, just click Build in the Left Nav Menu. Type the name of the game you want to use, or just type "game" to see a full list. When you've picked the game you want, place it in your Space.

A screenshot of the fancy office in the co-working area. A character named Baba O is standing between two tables. Each set of tables has different colored chairs. On the left of the screen, the Build icon (a hammer) is outlined in red, and the word "game" is typed in the Search bar in the Build panel. A full list of games is displaying. Add a game in your Space by clicking Build in the Left Nav Menu, then searching for "game." 

Existing Game Integrations

The following is a list of games that are available for you within Gather. You can find out more about the games and how they work on their respective websites below. 

Note: We don't own any of the games in the object picker. If you are interested in reaching out to us to develop a possible integration for your website or game, please e-mail with "Game Integration" in your subject line!

Embed an External Game

You can embed a game from outside Gather if the site allows embedding. You'll need to head to the Mapmaker, so click Build in the Left Nav Menu, then Edit in Mapmaker. With the Objects mode selected in the Top Nav Menu, click the Stamp tool. Then click More Objects in the right panel. Search for an object (e.g., Game Box) and select Embedded Website. Then copy and paste the URL.

If you want to embed an external online game, open the Mapmaker, select an interactive object, and add an embedded website.

Tip: You can embed a game in Gather that (a) is available online at an https:// URL and (b) allows embedding. You may need to create a private game ahead of time and use that URL.

Use a Game Room Template

You can also easily spin up one of our Game Room templates at, which come in three sizes: small (2-25), medium (25-50), or large (50-100). These templates feature tables set up with our integrated games throughout the Space. Typically the tables are private areas, so you've got to take a seat at the table to see and hear each other. 

A screenshot of the page, with the Social templates selected, and the large, medium, and small Game Room template previews showing.Choose one of our pre-made game room templates all set up with integrated games!

Note: Keep in mind the integrated games may have their own limits of number of players. The size of the templates are relative to the number of guests they can accommodate.

Tetris Tourney

Are you a master of spatial reasoning? Test your prowess against your friends in our Jstris Tournament template! 


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Players: 8-32 
  • Emcee: Optional 
  • Average Time: 15-60 minutes

Tip: Jstris is the Gather-integrated version of the famous Tetris block game.

Round 1

Divide into groups across battlefields A, B, C, and D. Press "x" to join the game. You are assigned a random name when you join the game. As you play, you can see the screens of those you are battling (who have pressed "x" on the same game you did).

A screenshot of the tetris tournament map. A character named Champion stands next to a tetris block in the far left box. A notification next to the block says "Press x to play Battle Tetris. Next to the red block, labeled A, are yellow, blue, and light green blocks, labeled B, C, and D, respectively. Above these sections are two sections, one in orange labeled E on the left, and one on the right in dark green labeled F. Start your tetris tournament by dividing into groups. Winners head to the top of the map and the championship round! 


The winners of Round 1 proceed up the map. Winners from A and B move up to E, and winners of C and D move up to F.  Spectators can gather 'round to watch!

Tip: To watch instead of play, press "x" to join the game. Then type "/spec" in the command box.

A screenshot of Jstris, the tetris game. The left panel has two labels: "Out of focus" and "Spectator mode". Two panels on the right show two games in action. A red box outlines the Command window, where /spec is typed in white in the command line. Losers of Round 1 can spectate the next round. Just press "x" to join the game, and then type "/spec" into the command window. 


Winners from E and F head face off in the Final Game, battling side by side at the game cabinet. 

Bonus Tips

Pre, during, or post Tetris Tourney, you can include some or all of the following activities, most of which are at your fingertips online:

  • Make a Tetris jams playlist
  • Watch famous Tetris battles (yes, it's a thing!)
  • Watch Tetris-related documentaries 
  • Encourage people to dress up as their favorite Tetris piece. Don't forget to take a screenshot!

Pro Tip:  Click Settings under your game board to personalize your setup, from keyboard shortcuts to cat-face block skins.

A screenshot of Jstris, with the Settings window open and the Skin tab active. Several options for tiles display, and the bottom row of cat faces is selected. A preview of the blocks in the center of the screen show tetris blocks made out of cat faces. To customize the game, click Settings under your board. You can change keyboard shortcuts, game settings, and even the skin of the tetris blocks. 

Speed Gathering

Discover unknown soulmates and shared experiences with our Speed Gathering template! Participants pair up and answer quick conversation starters, then switch seats to chat with a new partner every few minutes. 


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ (2 out of 5)
  • Players: 5-25
  • Emcee: Necessary  
  • Average Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Media: Speed Gathering slides (provided), a timer

Gather 'Round

As people enter the Speed Gathering room, direct them to sit at one of the 12 tables of paired chairs. 

Tip: Have an odd number of participants? Add a chair to one of the tables! Just make sure to add the chair to the private area so all 3 can see and hear each other. (Read about private areas if you need help!) 

When everyone is ready to begin, step onto the spotlight tile and read a conversation prompt. (Just press "x" at the podium if you want to use our pre-built slide deck!) Start a timer for that round. We suggest 2 minutes so each person has 1 minute to answer. 

When the 2 minutes is up, ask the inner and/or the outer circle to follow the arrows to the next chair.  

A screenshot of the Speed Gathering template, which is a large rectangular room with a dark wood floor. The left two-thirds of the screen are taken up with pairs of chairs and tables. On the inside of the circle, arrows point counterclockwise to show how to move to the next chair. On the outside of the circle, arrows point clockwise to show how to move to the next chair.The emcee stands in the center of the circle to facilitate the social. They can share their screen while spotlighted so everyone can see the questions. 

Tip: The Speed Gathering template includes a set of questions in Google Slides. Use as is, or in Google Drive, go to File > Make a Copy to make it your own!

Bonus Tips

  • Open the pre-built slides (or your own slides) in a separate browser window. Then, you can screenshare that browser window so that you as the emcee can see the room while the room sees the slides.
  • If you have less than 24 people and want to remove seats, click Build in the Left Nav Menu. Then click Erase and click on the tables and chairs you need to remove. 
  • If you have more than 24 people, we recommend spinning up a larger room and following this design. Remember that each pair of chairs and table is a separate private area.
  • Just search for "conversation starters" online - you'll find a bajillion things to ask.

Gather Grand Prix

Do all your friends call you Speed Racer? If not, do you want them to?! Find your inner Formula 1 driver in the Gather Grand Prix! Use our template track, complete with obstacles and speed boosts. 

Warning: The Racetrack template is currently only available to add on as a Room from Mapmaker in Remote Work Spaces. While you can add the Racetrack as a Room to a non-remote work Space, the karts will not work. Also, at this time, you cannot create a Space that is solely a racetrack. 


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Players: 2-8 (at a time)
  • Emcee: Optional for narrating the race
  • Average Time: 5-30 minutes

Ready, Set, Go!

Walk up to a kart and press "x" to hop on! You can choose a single lap heat, five-lap winner's circle, or ten-lap grand prix! 

Press "x" to get on or off a go kart. 

Tip: Dodge the cones and hit the white arrows for speed boosts.

For spectators or an emcee to see the whole race, open the Bottom Bar, and click User/Video Preferences. Turn off Smart Zoom and set the Manual Canvas Zoom to 50% or lower. 

Emcees and spectators can turn off Smart Zoom to get a bird's eye view of the track. 

Bonus Tips

  • Watch or listen to the Speed Racer theme song and/or episodes
  • Watch or listen to Nascar/F1 highlights 
  • Stream the Mario Kart soundtrack

Dungeon Escape Map

Can't meet up with your friends face to face? Need a good icebreaker activity for a work social? Sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs? Try out our Dungeon Escape! Navigate through three levels, interacting with objects and people in our escape room to solve puzzles and find freedom. 


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Players: 1-20
  • Emcee: Not needed
  • Average Time: 20-60 minutes

Explore the Tavern

When you first enter the Dungeon Escape Space, you enter a tavern. Throughout the tavern, notes and interactive objects give you basic tips and tricks for your escape.  Press the x key to view and close the notes. 

A view of the first room before entering the Dungeon Escape map. Riley is next to a table, which has a note on it. The note glows yellow to indicate it's an interactive object. The note is outlined in red, with a line pointing to the note, which reads "Tip: Keep your distance from guards and monsters." Press x on your keyboard to open and close interactive objects. Notes are key to succeeding in the dungeon!

Reviewed the notes in the tavern? Looks like you're ready to get started. Good luck!

Tip: Need to get back to the tavern? Just click your name in the Bottom Bar, then click Respawn

Escape the Dungeon

The following screenshots offer a few pointers for navigating the dungeon. For example, there are all different types of doors in Gather. Some let you go through walls. 

A view of the beginning of the dungeon map, where Riley is in the bottom right corner of the map in a cell. A red arrow indicates that Riley can walk through the wall to get to the next room.Check for secret doorways.

Watch out for the guards! They are mischievous and will pull you off path of success.

A view of a guard room. Riley is near a guard, which has a yellow question mark above their head. The guard has a text bubble that says "Did you hear that?"Stay away from guards and monsters! Get too close and you'll get sent back.

Notes are super important, and often give you key information about what you need to do first.

A view of one of the cells in the dungeon. A large yellow note is in the center of the screen and reads, "I, Marduke the Mad, have escaped this captivity! To reach the labyrinth, you will need to pass from fire to water."

Look out for portals that advance you in the map. 

A view of a small library room. Riley is near a swirling blue portal, which has instructional text that reads "Portal to the Plane of Water."Portals look like stone fire pits. A blue portal indicates a path to the Plane of Water. 

Need some perspective? Open the Mini Map in the Bottom Command Bar for a bird's eye view of the level. 

A view of the Mini Map. The map icon in the Bottom Command Bar is outlined in red, and the entire mini map is also outlined in red. The mini map shows the rooms and maze in Level 1.Click the Mini Map in the Bottom Command Bar for a bird's eye view of the level.

Bonus Tips

  • Make everyone take a drink (of water!) every time someone gets booted back to the beginning of the level.
  • Set a timer and give out awards or bragging rights to the team or person who finishes fastest.

Mystery Mansion Scavenger Hunt

We've put together a scavenger hunt Map that you can do solo or as a group!


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Players: 1-25 
  • Emcee: Not needed 
  • Average Time: 15-30 minutes

A screenshot of the Mystery Mansion template. There are six primary rooms with labels reading (from left to right, top to bottom), Lounge, Hall, Parlor, Library, Dining Room, and Study. Between the Library and Dining Room are four carpets with couches and chairs on them.When you first enter the Mystery Mansion, you'll be in the Foyer!

Here's the list of items to be on the look out for!

  1.  A bookshelf that moves
  2.  A cabinet that opens
  3.  A fake wall
  4.  Two cabinets that move
  5.  The cellar
  6.  A coiled rope
  7.  A gun
  8.  A knife
  9.  A candlestick
  10.  A wrench
  11.  A lead pipe
  12. A secret poker game
  13. Blinds that open and close to a dark and rainy world

Bonus Tips

  • Keep the map fresh by adding and removing items in the Mapmaker and giving participants an updated list of items to find. 
  • Make it a timed activity and award the fastest scavenger!

Islands Scavenger Hunt

For some added fun, we've put together a scavenger hunt that you can do solo or with your friends!


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5)
  • Players: 1-25 
  • Emcee: Not needed 
  • Average Time: 15-30 minutes

A screenshot of a character in a blue hat named "chilling like a villain" is sitting in a chair near a pond in the middle of an island with a fishing rod nearby.One of the islands complete with a quiet spot to fish!

Here's the list of items to be on the look out for!

  1.  A Starfish (there's only 1!)
  2.  A Sand Castle
  3.  2 Cups of Shaved ice
  4.  A Message in a Bottle
  5.  3 Angel Statues
  6.  A Fish
  7.  A tree that's not a palm tree
  8.  Secret Poker Game
  9.  A fire pit that makes sound
  10.  A loudspeaker in the water
  11.  A ticket to a music festival
  12.  An outrigger canoe
  13.  A Teapot
  14.  4 potted plants
  15.  The stranded castaway and his volleyball friend

Bonus Tips

  • Keep the map fresh by adding and removing items in the Mapmaker and giving participants an updated list of items to find. 
  • Make it a timed activity and award the fastest scavenger!

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Can't get together in person to carve pumpkins? Or maybe you don't have a physical office you can decorate with freshly carved pumpkins. Either way, we have a solution! Virtual pumpkin carving! Create pumpkins with your friends or co-workers and use them to decorate your Gather Space!

A collaborative table from Gather's own office with an inset koi pond surrounded by several couches. Elaborately carved pumpkins are scattered all over - on the table, in the water, on the couches, on the floor. You, too, can turn any Space into a veritable pumpkin patch!


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Participants: As many as you'd like!
  • Emcee: Optional 
  • Average Time: 15-60 minutes

Host Setup

1. Decide which pixel art editing tool you will use.

This may seem scary, but rest assured, there are several simple editing tools you can use. We recommend Lospec's pixel-editor for its simplicity and will be using it throughout this guide. Any photo editing software will work as long as it can create and save transparent backgrounds (including the default Paint 3D program that is stock standard with all Windows operating machines). 

2. Set up your Space by embedding your pixel editing program!

Making a Space and embedding an online pixel editing tool is the simplest way to get everyone started. For this guide, we used a pumpkin object and embedded the website inside of the pumpkin. You don't need a different embedded object for each person because all of the information for their own pumpkin will be saved locally on their computers.  

A view of two avatars sitting in green chairs on a green carpet. Four pumpkins sit on a round table in the center of the chairs. One pumpkin is carved and is glowing yellow. Next to the pumpkin, a message reads "Press "x" to carve a pumpkin." Use an interactive object to embed the image editor in your Gather Space. Participants can open the editor by pressing "x."

To embed the image editor, select Build in the Left Nav Menu. Use the Search field to find a pumpkin in the Object Picker (or any object you want to use to embed the editor). In the right panel of the Object Picker under Object Interactions, select Embedded website. Paste the URL of the editor into the Website field (e.g., 

A view of the Object Picker with the Halloween category active. The pumpkin (Medium) is selected. In the right panel of the Object Picker, under Object Interactions, the website field is outline in red. The image editor URL displays in the text field.From the Object Picker, find an object you want to embed the image editor in. Under Object Interactions, paste the URL of the image editor into the Website field.

3. Give people pumpkins!

You can use your own pumpkin image for carving, or you can use ours! The pumpkin we provide fits within a 32x32 pixel square. This makes sure that your pumpkin will fit within the tile grid in Gather. You can right click and select Save image as on the pumpkin image below or you can directly view and download a copy from our database.

You can either send your guests the image ahead of time or you can embed it in the Space. To embed the image, open the Object Picker and select the object you want to embed the image in. In the right panel of the Object Picker under Object Interactions, select Embedded image. Upload the image of the pumpkin. Your guests can then right click on object and save the image as seen in the gif below.

A gif of an avatar standing in front of a pile of pumpkins. One pumpkin is glowing yellow. A window previewing the embedded image displays about the Bottom Bar. The mouse right clicks on the image file and selects Save image as. You can embed the pumpkin image file in an object. Guests can then right click and save the image when they interact with the object. 

Before you invite everyone in, make sure that:

✅ You've embedded the pixel editing website in your Space.
✅ Guests have a way to download the Gather Pumpkin image.
Global build is turned on if you'd like your guests to show off their pumpkins.
✅ You've sent out the invite link.

Carve your pumpkins!

1. Open the image editor and upload your pumpkins.

Open the image editor from the interactive object. The pixel editor will open in Gather. For Lospec, upload the pumpkin image file for carving. Just select Load and browse to your saved copy of the pumpkin image.

A view of Lospec image editor as an embedded website in Gather. In the center of the Lospec editor, the Load option is outlined in red.Open the image editor from the interactive object and select Load to choose the pumpkin file.

2. Carve your pumpkin!

We have designed the pumpkin image provided above to automatically load all of the colors you will need to carve your pumpkin! You can always add more and get as creative as you'd like. The most important colors to get started are:

  • Base Carving Color (#fbf236 or any light yellow) - This will be the color you use for your basic shapes and design.
  • Bottom Highlight (#f0b829 or a brownish yellow) - This will give the illusion of looking down at your pumpkin and seeing the bottom lip of your carved design lit by the candle inside.
  • Top Highlight (#a84b2c or a brownish orange) - This will give the illusion of shadow since the light from your jack-o-lantern is coming from inside of your pumpkin.

A view of a pumpkin pixel image in the Lopsec image editor. On the right of the embedded website, a color palette displays of all the colors included in the pumpkin. The top three colors are labeled as "Base Carving Color," "Bottom Highlight," and "Top Highlight." Use Lopsec to "carve" your pumpkin with the color palette provided. 

 If you want to get fancy, you can check out this lovely info graphic created by one of our very own pixel artists!

3. Export your pumpkin

Export your newly completed image as a png file to preserve the background transparency. When you're done editing your pumpkin, in Lopsec, select File and then Export. Lopsec saves the file as a .png by default.

A view of a carved pixel pumpkin the Lopsec image editor. In Lopsec, the File menu is selected, and Export is selected in the drop-down menu. When you're done carving your pumpkin, export it as a png file.

4. Show off your pumpkin

Now that you've made your first pumpkin, don't forget to show it off! Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Open object picker. From the Object Picker Left Nav, select Upload New. Click to browse for your pumpkin file or drag the file to the center of the Object Picker. In the Object Details section of the right panel, enter a name for your object, then click Create and select.

A gif of the object picker. The mouse clicks Upload New in the left menu of the picker, and a png file is dragged into the Object Picker. "Pumpkin new" is entered in the Object name field.Open the Object Picker and select Upload New. Select your pumpkin file, give it a name, and click Create and select. Then place the carved pumpkin in the Space! 

Place your carved pumpkin in your Space!

A view of five avatars sitting in green chairs. On a round table in the center of the chairs, four pumpkins display, with one glowing yellow. A pile of carved pumpkins displays on the floor.Place your carved pumpkin in your Space!


My image won't export 
Your browser may be blocking the pop-up that allows the program to download your image as a png. Please check your blocked pop-ups!

The pixel editing tool won't load!
Double check the URL. There is also the possibility that a browser extension is blocking the application from opening. Encourage those who are encounter issues to use a separate window to open the image editor website ( in a different window. 

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