4 Steps to Host Your First Gather Event!

In this article, you will find the necessary resources to help you host your first event!

PDFs to look over

Welcome to Gather Instructions  - You can share this with you attendees!

Gather Checklist - Something to help you plan your event!

4 Steps to Host a Gather Event

1.) Sign-in to Gather 

After launching our Browser or Desktop Application, you can sign in by clicking either the button in the center of your screen or in the upper right.
As the host you'll need to create a Gather account or sign in if you already have an account. Make sure you are logged into the correct account in case you have different accounts. A few articles that can help with this process include:

2.) Create your Space 

You can easily create your space using one of our many pre-designed and decorated templates!
This Space will have a unique URL that you can share to invite people to your space. You can easily create a  new space in less than 5 minutes using one of our templates and customize it (or not) using our native map editor or in-space building tools. Alternatively, you can  upload an entirely custom map or create one from scratch use our map-maker to create Rooms in your Gather Space.  

There is no cost to creating or editing a space. You can even invite up to 25 people to visit your space for free! If you have more than 25 guests, or would like to host your space on a premium server for greater reliability (or have access to our Premium Features such as more extensive moderation controls),  you can add a Premium reservation to your Space.

You can find out more about these processes the the following articles:

And if you'd like more info on how to customize your space, be sure to check out: 

3.) Add a Reservation 

You can add a reservation to your Space after you create it on your Space's Premium Dashboard.
You can upgrade your space temporarily with a reservation or purchase a monthly subscription to make sure you always have access to our Premium features. Reservations and upgrades are made through your Space's Premium Dashboard which is tied specifically to each individual Space (not your account).  For more information regarding pricing and making a reservation, check out the following links!

4.) Party!  


Don't forget to hold "Z" to dance and use the numbers 1 through 6 to use Emotes so you can party like the wonderful crowd of people in this image!

Or host your meeting/gathering/convention/conference/class/gamenight/social hour/whatever else you can think of!

(Step 4 is the best step 😜)

The quickest way to invite guests is by copying your Space's URL and sending that link to your guests. For other options, you can take a look at:

Happy Gathering!

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