4 Steps to Host Your First Gather Event!

In this article, you will find the necessary resources to help you host your first event. We've split the process into four steps: signing in, creating your Space, making a reservation, and getting the party started. 

If you haven't created your Gather account yet, do so now!

Best Practice: While you can get started with Gather without creating an account, we recommend that you sign up to guarantee your Space is saved. 

Step 1: Sign In to Gather 

Go to https://gather.town/app. Any recently visited Spaces are listed in the left panel. In the center of the page or in the Friends panel on the right, click Sign in

A view of gather.town/app page, where you can select Create a new Space or Sign in. Beneath the Sign in button is a Sign up link to create a an account. The Friends panel on the right also shows a Sign in button. Head to gather.town/app and click Sign in. If you don't have an account yet, click Sign up.

Make sure you are logged into the correct account in case you have different accounts. A few articles that can help with this process include:

Step 2: Create Your Space 

Choose the template that best meets your needs or build your own from scratch! Give your Space a name (remember, you cannot rename it later). Your Space name is part of the unique URL for your Space. Select your reason for building the Space, then click Create Space.

A view of the Template picker. The Socials tab is selected in the Left Nav Menu, and the Open Mic Cafe is active and outlined in green. To get started with your Space, choose a template or select Start from blank. Give your Space a name, which will be part of its unique URL. Select your reason for building the Space and click Create Space.

This Space will have a unique URL that you can share to invite people to your space. You can easily create a  new space in less than 5 minutes using one of our templates and customize it (or not) using our native map editor or in-space building tools. Alternatively, you can  upload an entirely custom map or create one from scratch.  

There is no cost to creating or editing a space. You can even invite up to 25 people to visit your space for free! If you have more than 25 guests, or would like to host your space on a premium server for greater reliability (or have access to our Premium Features such as more extensive moderation controls),  you can add a Premium reservation to your Space.

You can find out more about creating your Space in the following articles:

And if you'd like more info on how to customize your space, be sure to check out: 

Step 3: Make a Reservation 

You can upgrade your Space temporarily with a reservation or purchase a monthly subscription to make sure you always have access to our Premium features. Reservations and upgrades are made through your Space dashboard, which is tied specifically to each individual Space (not your account).  

A view of the gather.town/dashboard, where the Create Reservation tab is open by default. Three plans display: $2/user for 2 hours, $3/user for Per day, and $7/user for Monthly. Open your Space dashboard to make your first reservation.

For more information regarding pricing and making a reservation, check out the following links!

Step 4: Party!  

As soon as you've created your Space and made your reservation, you're ready to host your first Gather party! The quickest way to invite guests is by copying your Space's URL and sending that link to your guests. For other invite options, take a look at:

A view of a social in Gather. About 20 people are in the space, with various emotes showing above their heads, like thumbs up, party poppers, and hearts.Use our Emotes during a party - hold down the "z" key to dance and show a heart above your head.

Supporting Guests

Review our Troubleshooting Checklist if your guests have any questions or difficulties accessing the Space. You can also download and share this Guest Guide to Gather.

Happy Gathering!

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