Can I use a virtual background?

Are you interested in hiding your background or adding your own personal touch to your video view on Gather? Great news - we now have Virtual Backgrounds! You can blur your background, choose from a background image that we provide, or upload your own image. 

Note: The Virtual Background feature is only available on the following browsers; Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The Virtual Background feature is not supported on Firefox or Safari.

Note: To ensure optimal performance and user experience, we have disabled virtual backgrounds for some users with lower machine performance. If this impacts you, you will no longer see the option to enable virtual backgrounds in the video menu. Additionally, if they had virtual backgrounds enabled previously, they will no longer see the background during your Gather sessions.

To try Virtual Backgrounds out, click on the arrow next to your video icon and then select Background & Effects located under the Video Effects category.

Choose a Background Image:

You can also choose from one of the five preset options that we provide.

Upload Your Own:

You can also upload your own image for your background. Select the Upload option, choose your image, and select it from the list to enable your new custom background image.

Background Blur: 

If you do not want to use an image as your video background, you may prefer the Background Blur option.


Enjoy exploring virtual backgrounds! Reach out to Gather Support if you have any questions.