External Calls

Here's a short video on how to place External Call Integration objects. The interface is outdated, but the functionality remains the same. 

This feature currently works for any pre-set meeting link; Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, Webex, etc. 

Joining the Call

User enters a Gather room that has a press 'x' to enter zoom call button. 

  • They see this text

Text User sees after clicking 'x' to interact with the external call integration object. 

  • Click on the zoom link and open the zoom application ins a separate window, Gather will auto-mute the user's video and audio output. 
  • Enter presentation is hosted on Zoom directly
  • They exit the zoom call, and head back to Gather to see this message. They click the green button to enter the Gather space exactly where they last left off. 

Button to re=enter Gather space after the external call

Tips and Tricks:  

  • Make sure to increase the activation distance (found under the advanced options for the external call integration object). This will guarantee that anyone who walks into the entire room/area that you designate for the external presentation will be able to press 'x' to interact. Otherwise, you will have too many people crowded in one small area. 
  • We also frequently see hosts create larger custom objects rather than using our blank object image, so it is visually obvious to users that there's an object to interact with. 
  • We also frequently see hosts place multiple instances of the same external call object around the room (or in multiple rooms) so more users can interact easily with the object.

If you choose to rotate zoom links throughout the day, you will need to either:

a) designate someone to enter builder mode in the space, erase the object with the old call link, and place a new one (with a new link) during the period of time between speakers, or

b) create visually different objects or places (eg: signs) in the room where people can walk to to get the next zoom link. 

Both of these might be trickier than hosting one big zoom call for the room, depending on what you are comfortable with; by default, the 'zoom call integration' object is invisible, and so it will not appear to either participants or builders visually on the map. 

If you expect less than 100 participants, using Gather's spotlight feature (and screenshare for slides) might also be an option, although that 100 is a fairly hard limit.