Experiences Overview

Gather is the perfect platform for playing games and organizing socials—from a 2-minute go kart race during the work day to an evening of trivia in a virtual pub. To help you plan socials and introduce folks to Gather, we've developed Experience templates that are practically plug-and-play! 

The Gather Experiences section of our help center provides tips and tricks for successfully your next Gather social. Each article includes any prep work, additional resources, or bonus tips you might need to make your event a hit!


For the majority of our games, our templates support about 25 participants. This makes them perfect for use in your free Gather Space. 

Tip: See a template or idea you love but want to execute it on a larger scale? Just a create a custom Space that's big enough to meet your needs! Remember, it's always free to design Spaces - you don't have to pay until you're ready to host your event.


Our Gather Experience articles all come with details on any prep work you might need to do for your activity. However, the very first step to getting your game on is to grab one of our activity templates, available in the Experience section of our Template Picker (https://app.gather.town/create). You have two options to create your experience: 

  1. Make a New Space!  Just pick a template, give it a name, decide if it needs a password, and pick your purpose. (Don't worry; you can do this in a matter of minutes, or even seconds!)  OR
  2. Add a New Room! Head to your Space, open the Mapmaker, and add a new Room

Bonus Tips

Look at the suggested Bonus Tips in our articles to make the most of your experience.