Embedding Gather in Your Website

Can I embed Gather into my website?

Unfortunately, embedding Gather is quite a difficult process due to permissions with cameras and mics inside the embedded iFrame. However, we have seen other theaters and conferences embed Gather into their own websites by finding a way to ensure Gather is first opened by the user separately, outside of the iframe, to grant our site camera and microphone permissions before using the embedded version.

One other setting that may help with embedment of the Gather site is to enable  3rd party cookies in your web browser. Any and all guests would also need to enable 3rd party cookies, which we realize is not ideal. 

Can I 'pull' a username from my website into Gather without the user's input?

No. Usernames in Gather can only be locked with the use of a .csv guestlist. For more information on how to use the Guestlist feature, click here https://gathertown.knowledgeowl.com/help/guestlist-only-access 

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