You can link any embeddable website inside of an object and have it open directly inside of Gather within an iframe. This includes individual Google documents, spreadsheets, and forms, but not Google Drive File Directories.  Almost any site can be embedded as long as the website administrator allows embedding.

To embed a website, select a object and click on "embedded website" under the Object Interactions.

An animation showing how to embed a document using the object picker. You can use any object in the object picker to embed a website. This example specifically uses the document object.

Embedded Website Troubleshooting

To make sure the website you want to use can be embedded, you must make sure that:

1.) It is an HTTPS site. Unfortunately, HTTP sites will not work due to security concerns.
2) The website administrator allows embedding. If they do not, you will get a message saying "refused to connect" or something similar. You can test this here: 

Warning: Some sites might require that you allow 3rd party cookies to display properly.

Note: Not all websites are the correct format to be embedded within Gather, and it is also common practice that companies and website hosts block embedding or their URLs to avoid spam. 

A workaround for websites that can not be embedded would be to paste the URL within the object as a note interaction. This will allow the participants to see a URL when they interact with that object, like in the screenshot below. If they click the URL it will open the website in a new tab. 

To add a URL in a note, open the Object Picker, select an object, and under Object Interactions, click Note Object. Then add the URL in the Message field. 

To add a URL in a note, select an object, and under Object Interactions, click Note object. Then add a message and place the object in your Space.

When a user is within activation distance, they can press "x" to view the Note. They can click the URL to access the website.

A screenshot of what participants will see when they interact with an object that has a URL pasted as a note interaction.