Are your knock-knock jokes falling flat in your Gather Space because you don't have a door to knock on? Want to stop random strangers from walking into your office or meeting room? Have we got a solution for you! We now offer two types of doors for your Space:

  • Doors that open and close when you interact with them, and
  • Doors that only open with a password

Enable Extensions

First, you need to enable the doors in the Mapmaker. (Remember, you must have the Builder role to access the Mapmaker.) Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Edit in Mapmaker.

Build, which is a hammer icon, is outlined in red, and the Edit in Mapmaker button is outlined in red.Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Edit in Mapmaker. The Mapmaker opens in a new tab. Select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings

A view of the Mapmaker with the hamburger menu open. Extension Settings is the last option in the menu. From the Mapmaker, select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings. (Only displays if Beta Features are turned on.) The Extensions window opens. A list of available extensions displays (a checkmark displays next to each extension that has been activated). Select Doors and/or Password Doors. Then choose Activate Extension, then Apply changes

The Extensions window is open, and the Password Doors option is selected in the Left Nav Menu. A red arrow points to the checkmark next to the Doors extension. A red box is drawn around the Activate Extension button and the Apply changes button.In the Extensions window, select Doors and/or Password Doors. Select Activate Extension, then Apply changes. Close the Extensions window. From the Mapmaker, or from your Space, open the Object Picker.

Add the Door

If you don't already have a doorway, you may need to add one first, depending on the width of the area you wish to place the door. A door is two tiles wide, and the doorway spans four tiles, which is the standard entry in many of our templates.

From the Object Picker, enter "door" or "doorway" and select the doorway. (You can change the color to better match the walls if needed.)

Door is entered in the Search field of the Object Picker, and the Doorway (2-wide) is selected.From the Object Picker, select a Doorway in your desired color.

Click Select, and place the doorway in the Map.

The dark brown brick doorway has been placed in the fancy office template in the entry space of the lobby. A red outline is drawn around the doorway.Place the Doorway object on the Map in the entry point (here between the lobby and the rest of the office).

Next, open the Object Picker again, and in the category menu on the left, scroll down to the extensions, which show a puzzle piece icon next to them. Select Door if you want a door that just opens and closes, or select Password Door if you want a door that will only open when the correct password is entered.

From the Object Picker, scroll down through the categories on the left to find the extensions. Choose Doors or Password Doors, select the door object.

Click Select, and place the door in the doorway.

Place the door in the doorway.

If you've placed a Password Door, as an Admin/Owner or Moderator, you can set or edit the door's password. In your Space (not the Mapmaker), walk up to the door and press "x" on your keyboard.  Select Edit on the modal that displays.

A modal displays that reads As an Admin/Owner or Moderator, walk up to the door and press "x" on your keyboard. Select Edit to change the password and create custom text.

An Admin Settings modal opens, where you can edit the heading and description of the modal that displays when a person approaches the Password Door. If you leave these fields blank, it will display the default heading: "This area is password protected" with the default description: "Welcome! This is a private area. Please enter the password below." You can also set or change the password. 

Note: There is currently no way to view the existing password on a door. To change it, simply enter a new password. 

The Admin Settings modal displays. The description text reads Enter the heading and description you wish to display, and enter a password. Select Save.

If you've entered custom text, the heading and/or description will be updated.  Anyone who approaches the door will see your custom text and must enter the password to go through the door.

The Password Door modal has a Your custom text displays, and everyone must enter a password to pass through the door.

Door Tips

  • Adding a door adds impassible tiles that become interactive. If you erase either type of door from the Space, the impassible tiles will remain until deleted in the Mapmaker. 
  • Extension functionality may take up to 30 seconds to fully load, so if something doesn't quite work the first time, wait a bit and try again!
  • To update the information for password-protected doors, you must interact with it while you are inside of your Space. If you are an Admin or Moderator, you will see the option to edit the door's information.
  • If a guest is inside the password-protected area and leaves the Space, if they return, they will respawn within the password-protected area.

Tip: Make sure you walk your guests out past the password door to make sure they cannot respawn within the protected area!