Disable or Delete Your Space

If you have created a Space you no longer want, you can temporarily disable it or permanently delete it. First, open the Space dashboard. In the Left Nav Menu, select Shut Down or Delete

A view of the Space dashboard, with Shut Down or Delete active and outlined in red in the Left Nav Menu. You have the option to Shut Down or Delete Space.Open your Space dashboard and click Shut Down or Delete in the Left Nav Menu. Select whether to Shut Down or Delete Space.

Shut Down

If you'd like to temporarily prevent anyone from accessing your Space, click Shut Down. If a person visits that Space, they can still select an avatar, but cannot enter the Space. To re-enable the Space, return to the Space dashboard and select Re-Open.

Delete Space

If you'd like to permanently remove your Space, click Delete Space. A warning pop-up displays. Select Delete this space to proceed.

Warning: Once a Space is deleted, there is no way to retrieve it. Please proceed with caution!

A view of the Space dashboard, with Shut Down or Delete selected. A warning pop-op is outlined in red, with the option to Delete this space.   After clicking Delete Space, confirm your decision by clicking Delete this space

Note: You will be unable to delete your Space until you've canceled any upcoming reservations, active subscriptions, or open invoices.