Data Protection and Encryption

Are you GDPR compliant?

We can't save data in the EU or Germany at the current time and thus cannot meet full compliancy for GDPR. However, we are willing to sign a Data Processing Agreement, that details the Technical and Organizational measures we have in place to safeguard your data, and which allows you to transfer data compliantly to the US under the framework of Standard Contractual Clauses. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy at

Privacy Policy

You can see our full Privacy Policy here: These are living documents and, as such, are being updated and clarified on a regular basis. If you have any questions or would like clarifications on any portion of our privacy policy, please e-mail  

DPAs and SLAs

At this time we are unable to sign or offer Service Level Agreements. You are always welcome to base your decisions on our past uptime performance which can always be accessed through

If you would like to read our DPA, please contact for this and other security questionnaire-related information.

Document Security and Usage Rights

When you upload documents or images in Gather, we do store a copy on our servers. This allows others who enter your Space to view the documents or images you have uploaded. 

Gather does not claim any ownership or right-to-use stipulations over any content that users upload.  If you have sensitive data or are otherwise concerned about hosting or privacy, we recommend hosting these files in whatever way is recommended by your organization and then password protecting your Gather space or setting an email guestlist to better control access to your Space.

After your event, you can send an email to to request that specific data be deleted (and that that deletion be confirmed) by our team. This may take a little time, depending on volume.

For more information, read our full privacy policy:

Deleting User Data

You can manually remove any Space and your account at any time. Read our Privacy Policy for full information regarding data storage and deletion. If you would like to access, delete, or update any data, please contact us at

Delete a Space

You can temporarily or permanently shut down a Space. To permanently delete a Space, go to Search for or select the Space you wish to delete. (You must be the Space owner to delete a Space.) Click Manage Space. The Space dashboard opens. In the Left Nav Menu, click Shut Down or Delete. Select Delete Space and then confirm Delete this Space. Your Space and all assets associated with it are now deleted. 

Delete Your Account

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so by going to You will see a User ID and the email address associated with your account. When you are sure you wish to proceed, click Delete Account

Warning: The Spaces associated with your account may still be accessible, especially if there are other administrators for the Space.

Data Encryption

Our data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Data received is encrypted in transit using https, TLS, and DTLS 1.3/SRTP. Data is encrypted at rest with AES256. However, we are not currently end-to-end encrypted. 

All persistent data is encrypted at rest according to the policies of Google Cloud Firestore and Google Cloud Storage. Chat and calling is encrypted in transit, and all stored data is encrypted at rest. This is the norm for video calling software and is equivalent to the security of Google Meet, for example. 

To find out more about what data we do store and use, please see our Privacy Policy!

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