Custom Objects

To personalize your Space, you can upload custom images as decorative or interactive objects. You might want to add an animal or special decor for your desk, a logo or mission statement on your wall, or images of the city skyline or architecture to bring local flavor to the Space. This article includes covers the following:

Add a Custom Object

You can easily add a custom object from the Object Picker in your Space or in the Mapmaker. You can also select Build in the toolbar and select Upload image to quickly add custom objects. 

The build pane is open with the upload image button outlined in red. The build icon is also outlined in red in the toolbar. To quickly add a custom object, select Build in the toolbar, then select Upload image.

From the Object Picker, you can select Upload new to add a custom object.

The Object Picker is open from Mapmaker and in the left nav menu Upload New is outlined in red. In the center of the object picker text reads Drag image or click to upload.From the Object Picker, select Upload New if it is not already selected.

Drag your image into the Object picker or select the file from your computer. A preview of your image will display, with the file name beneath. (If you upload the wrong image or need to switch files, select Replace image.) In the Object Details section, name your object and provide a description. 

The Object Picker with a small pixel art penguin uploaded and visible in the upload image section.Drag your image or click to upload the file. Give your image a name and description.

Tip: If you want to make this an interactive object, choose the Object Interactions you desire. (Read more about interactive objects.) 

Place your custom object in your Space. If you are in Mapmaker, select Save. When you click on your object, you can see its name in the List of objects in the right pane of the Mapmaker.

A small penguin is on the edge of our zen sand garden. A red arrow points from the List of objects to the penguin.Place your custom object in your Space. You can see the name of your object in the List of objects pane in the Mapmaker.

Add a Custom Logo

We also make it easy to add a logo to your Space, automatically resizing it to a 2x5 tile area. From the Object Picker, search for "logo." Click Select to place the object in your Space (no need to add Object Interactions!).

The Object Picker is open with the Company Logo object selected.In the Object Picker, search for "logo" and click Select to place the object in your Space.

If you're in the Mapmaker, select Save after placing the logo object. From your Space, walk up to the object and press "x" to interact.

Riley is standing in front of a sign with highlighted text that reads Your Logo Here. A prompt message displays above the sign that reads press x to interact.From your Space, walk up to the custom logo object and press "x" on your keyboard.

Drag and drop or click to open your logo file. 

THe upload logo image modal is open, and the center reads drag image or click to upload.Drag and drop or click to upload your logo. 

We'll automatically size your logo to a 2 x 5 tile size. The object will be outlined in yellow to indicate you can interact with it and change the file whenever you want. 

Riley stands in front of a Gather logo that glows yellow.Your logo is automatically resized to a 2x5 tile area. It glows yellow as an interactive object.

Custom Object Best Practices

You can customize Gather to match any style or aesthetic you'd like! The Gather style is pixel art, and you can use online tools to create your own pixel art from scratch, convert an existing image into pixel art, or just search for pixel art online. If you search for images, try adding "free"  (e.g., free coffee pixel art) or "transparent," if you don't want a background (e.g., "free transparent coffee pixel art").

  • Tiles in Gather are 32 x 32 pixels, so if you're adding an object for your desk or another small space, keep your image close to those dimensions by editing the height and width in pixels.
    • Keep the image tightly cropped unless you want to have built-in space around it.
  • Save your image as a .png no larger than 3 MB (you can use .jpg, but quality is better in .png).
  • Check out our Git repo of Maps, tilesets, and assets!

Warning: Gather does not currently have a built-in function to resize images outside of the company logo object. If you use an image you found online without resizing it, it will likely be very large and cover a lot of your Space.

YouTube Tutorial

For more info, see our Resizing and Uploading Custom Object Images tutorial. (Please note that the mapmaker and object picker interface in this video is outdated, but the general workflow remains the same.)